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Just was at Knoebes for a couple nights and was rained out so we came home early since everything at out site was saturated and tents were leaking :( :

Friday and Saturday it was cold and rainy, so there wasn't many people there and not alot of stuff was even open. Most of the rides were though, so I caught a ride on Twister, The Haunted Mansion, 2 rides on the XD Theater (Cosmic Coaster and Arctic Run), a run on the scooters, and 2 rides on Phoenix during those 2 days. (both were running awesome and very fast in the rain) The one ride on Phoenix was also at night, was excellent as usual.

Today it was actually nice, and the park was pretty crowded. After packing up early (everything was soaked and we were suppose to stay until Monday) I caught 2 more rides on Twister and Phoenix, another ride on Haunted Mansion, another on XD Theater (Haunted Mine this time), a ride on the flume and finally a spin on Gasoline Alley (antique cars).

Phoenix and Twister both ran very well, Twister a little more shaky then last year but still very nice. This year on the Flume, I noticed they fixed all of the colored lights in the rocks and in the cave, which adds alot to the ride IMO, and just looks cool. Also, the geysers are a VERY nice addition and are a blast (no pun intended) to mess around with. If you time it just right, you can hit a log double time and soak some people. It was alot of fun and I know they were making pretty good $ with that, they got at least $5 from me alone lol (they are 25 cents per blast). XD Theater was a nice addition as well, and out of the 3 movies I saw (missed Aqua Ride), Haunted Mine was the best of them. For the best experience, sit in the first row. My brother and sister had alot of fun on this as well. The turns looks AWESOME in person, hard to describe but I really can't wait for this ride. The Info booth seemed to create a little buzz as well and there was always a group of people around it checking it out. They didn't make alot of progress really when I was there due to the rain, but I could see they poured alot more footers for the new extention.

I snapped a few random pictures but they didn't turn out really good, but i'll see if I can post'em anyway.

Overall the trip wasn't too bad, just sucks everything was saturated from the rain so we had to leave early, but I got some rides in and literally ate my way around the park, finally trying Cheese On A Stick, it was pretty good lol.

Also, I was going to hold off on asking something since I didn't have any pictures of it, but now that they changed the one webcam for a different view:
why are there 3 rows of footers? I'm guessing some are for the other track where the lift will be? (which isnt where I thought it would be actually, judging by the model on the map the lift goes from right out of the station towads the Twister side and up, then does the 540 helix and starts heading towards the xmas shop and into what they already have up now.

Sorry the weather didn't cooperate with your trip. I actually made it up to the park around 6 last evening. The weather was beautiful. I probably didn't need the sweatshirt I decided to wear.

I was looking for that white dog with the brown spot, but didn't see one. Saw lots of other dogs though.

Ah ok, unfortunetly we left around 3 or 4 yesterday.
I really hope to make it up to PPP, and the dog will probably follow lol.
Also, yeah it was very nice yesterday and today, and would have been great if we could have stayed, but all of our camping gear was already so soaked and ruined from the rain, we couldn't have stayed longer. It's a shame I would have loved to be there. *** Edited 9/5/2006 5:05:43 AM UTC by P18***

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