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So I'm going down to TN the very beginning of September, and I want to have a day at either Dollywood or Splash Country. Does anyone have any experience with visiting either of these parks on Labor Day weekend? If so, how are the crowds, and what day would be least crowded--Sunday or Monday? Thanks in advance!

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Although I haven't been on a holiday such as Labor Day, I would choose to go on a Sunday to be safe. I would expect both Splash Country & Dollywood to be packed then. Now choosing between the two depends on what you enjoy more, water parks or theme parks. Splash Country is amazing and is one of the best water parks IMO. If you decide to go there I suggest you go when it opens so you can do the more populare slides such as Fire Tower Falls & Big Bear Plunge... also to get a good lounging chair. I wouldn't bother with paying for a locker if you don't have much. I was able to set my things in my lounge chair the all three days without it being bothered. If you decide to go to Dollywood, get there early too so you can go straight to Timber Canyon. Although lines aren't normally bad at Dollywood it's still nice to get there a little bit before the crowd gets there. As a side note, the water ride lines (Mountain Sidewinder, White Water Rapids, and Dare Devil Falls) do tend to get long when its hot. BTW Mountain Sidewinder is a MUST!!! lol If you can't get there early... no worries because you will still be able to ride everything you'd like to. HOPE YALL HAVE FUN!!! (lol yea I'm a Tennessean)

If you are worried about Dollywood crowds and don't have a season pass, they have the deal where if you arrive in the park after 3pm and pay full-price for a one-day ticket, you can return the following day for free. Basically, you get a day and a half for the price of one day. Pretty nice.
The decision on which park to go to is up to you but if you decide to go to Dollywood here's my suggestion.

Everyone says to go to Timber Canyon first and that's fine but it's packed in the beginning of the day. My game plan is always to go to Tennessee Tornado first and work your way back up. Then go thru the tunnel to Country Fair. Next Rivertown, 50's section, Adventures in Imagination, and finish off with Timber Canyon.

That way there are still plenty of people riding but they're dispersed throughout the park and the lines are not long.

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I went to Dollywood a couple weeks ago and had a great time. I went on a monday and the crowds were decent. As someone mentioned about, head to the tennesse tornado area first and work your way over to timber canyon.

Also, if you got time, check out the other attractions in the area, there's a ton to do down there.

Just a heads up, traffic can be nuts down there on the weekends, my advice, use the trolleys when all possible to get around. Enjoy your trip!

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