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Monday, May 10, 2004 5:06 PM
I attendend opening day as well. I managed to arrive at 9am and gained access to the park.

As most of the other posts state, the park has been spruced up a bit. New paint colors, new paint jobs, some new signs, and a few new food shops.

TTD was a bit frustrating. I have a season pass that allows for an early entrance to the park and ERT on TTD or MF. TTD was down for the morning and for the early afternoon. There were many roll-backs in the morning for TTD. I can live with the temporoary setbacks, better safe than sorry. Some guests should look at mechanical issues in another light...maybe a saftey issue. Just my opinion. But I did manage one trip on TTD. Still very smooth.

My thoughts mirror the other postings about MS. I was so suprised by it I treated myself to 9 consecutive rides in about 1 hour. That ride deserves more attention.

I even worked in rides on Corkscrew, Mine Ride, Iron Dragon, Wildcat, and Blue Streak (which seemed incredibly fast on opening day.)

MF (30 minute wait with Freeway Pass), Magnum (no wait - 5 rides in about 40 minutes) , Raptor (40 mins), and Mantis (35 mins with Freeway Pass) provided good rides. Mantis strangely enough is becoming a favorite again.

One hint for anyone going to Cedar Point...take advantage of the FreeWay Pass system. It is available for MF, Raptor, Mantis, TTD, WT, and Magnum. It is handstamp with a timeframe on it. Return to the attraction at during the time frame and you "cut" in line. You most likely will still wait about 30 minutes to board most attractions but its better than waiting 1 to 1.5hrs. Or the 2 to 3 hrs plus during the peak seaon. The stands are passed out at a kiosk at the entrance to the ride, the distribution typically starts around 11 am.You can claim two handstamps. But only one for TTD & MF.

The park employees were pleasant. Overall it was a good experience.

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Monday, May 10, 2004 6:40 PM
Just so you guys know, TTD started testing before 6:00. I walked out of the hotel at 5:37 and saw a launch. It didn't make it over until around 7:30, though.

I didn't exactly experience the downtime on TTD in the morning, as I was on the first train out (rode with the employees :-D), but I heard quite a bit from other people.


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