queston about the Great Bear?

Just got back from Hershey.... do other SLC's have that weird resonance/moaning noise, or is this something unique to the Great Bear? The only other SLC I am familiar with is the Great Noreaster, and I dont remember it making a noise like that. But I believe it was modified to fit on the pier. I also saw a guy in line on skyrush with a red ACE shirt... was that any of you folks? LOL.

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All B&Ms have it unless the track is filled with sand.

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Oh it's a B&M.. time to turn in my coaster card. Thanks for the answer though. Got multiple laps on everything but Fahrenheit, which we didnt ride at all due to 45 minutes being the shortest wait time I saw on the phone app. I also highly recomend the Clarion hotel in New cumberland Pa. Indoor pool and free hot breakfast for 80/night. Can probably score a better price with 1 or 2 people.

Storm Runner and Sky Rush were both 10 minute waits at different points, but Fahrenheit never got under 45 min and was as high as 90

Depending on where a park is located, the local residents and the powers that be don't want a "roaring" roller coaster making all that noise. For example, B&M was requested to fill Talon at Dorney with sand to dampen the sound (because for whatever reason, Dorney's surrounding residents are absolute asshats about'd think they'd be so used to police sirens and gunshots that roller coasters wouldn't disturb them in the slightest), so Talon is extremely quiet. Hershey's Great Bear, on the other hand (claw), was publicized as having that trademark B&M roar. They actually tied in the sound with their ad campaign (roaring like a bear).

I HAVE especially noticed this sound on Great Bear though. I don't know if it is because it is so crammed in to the park that the sound bounces around and becomes amplified or what, but I can see where one could notice it more than a typical ride.

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I think the "Hollow" terrain combined with the water makes the sound that much more noticeable (and even louder).

It does seem ridiculously loud, like the only thing you can hear while in that area. Thanks for the explanation though.

I figured the dude in the red ACE shirt was someone here. I was the big ugly guy wearing the FORD t shirt.

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I dunno. There's some overlap I'm sure, but I generally find ACER's and CoasterBuzzers to be far apart in nature.

When I'm a single rider, I love to be paired with another coaster enthusiast. It's happen multiple times with ACEr's (Excuse my acronym policing, but by the way, is that uppercase R supposed to be part of the acronym?) and TPRer's. I've had conversations with people from TPR, coasterfusion, and ACE in lines. I've even met a CoasterBuzzer at Michigan's Adventure getting ready to sprint to Shivering Timbers. No, it wasn't TimberRider, and no, he did not want to sprint. The one thing in common with all of them: none shared my energy. There's been TPRer's and ACEr's that were close, (Especially when talking about the new KI ride.) but I think was what sets CoasterBuzzer's apart from TPRer's and ACEr's is our knowledge that life isn't all about coasters. Oh yeah, life isn't all about food, also from an ACEr stand point.

Oh my god, I just punched myself in the face.

Because you just found out life isn't all about coasters? That's why I did! *wink*

I nearly always find ACE members (<--how I avoid figuring out the acronym usage) are pretty nice. Have only run into one jackass, and even HE wasn't that bad, just took a little to get him talking and I needed to run into him a few times. The TPR peeps at CFK were very friendly as well.

As for the water around Great Bear, I would think that would actually dampen sound (no pun intended). Am I wrong?

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It never occurred to me until just now, but I just joined ACE this year, and one of my favorite foods is cheese and gravy fries. *snicker*

Something else about Great Bear though: could it have been designed to make more noise? Like B&M did something to make it really loud to help with the theme cohesion?

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bunky666 said:

I would think that would actually dampen sound (no pun intended).

Yeah, right. ;)

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billb7581 said:

Just got back from Hershey.... do other SLC's have that weird resonance/moaning noise, or is this something unique to the Great Bear?

Great Bear is not an SLC!

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Great Bear is no louder than other B&M's using mostly nylon wheels. Raptor for example when loaded up with nylon wheels on cool fall days becomes unbearable in volume. Same thing with Mantis, which tends to be very loud year-round. If you look though, its running mostly all nylon road wheels. This means VOLUME.

That is why some B&M's sound different than others (aside from when they fill the supports and such with sand). Dominator at GL had such a sweet roar sound, but used only a few nylon wheels and a majority were the softer, polyurethane wheels.

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I remember when the B&M roar was a thing.

Now it seems like "the B&M creepy silence" is the thing.

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It is very strange, when it comes to different noises that B&M coasters make. I actually think Mantis is a little louder in it's roar than Raptor. And, Batman the Ride at Great America is a touch louder than Raging Bull.

I have a theory. Maybe the reasons inverted coasters are louder, is because there is nothing above the track to muffle the sound. Which could be why an inverted coaster makes different noises, depending on where it is located on the track. SLC's are not even close to a B&M invert when it comes to sound. Though the one at MA makes a nice noise, because there is nothing else there.

The ride that makes the ultimate noise is Top Thrill Dragster. Very few coasters make such an awesome sound. Nor are they as fun to watch, when it comes to seeing the look on the riders faces, when they are blasted down the track at 120 miles an hour. :)

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