Questions for Jeff!

Saturday, May 12, 2001 12:11 PM
Hey Jeff,

I am not asking what CP is adding next year but how do you think they feel about woodies? I have heard several rumors that CP would never add a woodie again because of Mean Streak problems in the past. But than I have heard about the quote that Dick Kenzel thinks that Ghostrider should be in every theme park! Do you think CP can or would be willing to build an Intamin hyperwoodie like Colossos with the same quality airtime as that ride? EVERY report(and I have read several) has concluded that it si the BEST woodie in the world and the BEST airtime machine out there beating my #1 coaster ridden Shivering Timbers!! Also now the CF is buying out Michigan's Adventure I fear the worst on ST:BRAKES and or reprofiling to eliminate airtime! What really is frustrating is that CF(especially Valleyfair)builds a decent coaster and run it good for a few yeaers than decides to drastically tame it down) For example High Roller ran for at least six years before being tamed down with brakes and Wild Thing had TWO full season with minimal braking andthan decide it is unsafe! WHY? I find it hard to trust CF to keep Shivering Timbers running the way it should and trust me it was GREAT when I rode it during its opening season!! If you can reply it would be greatly appreciated and I hope someday in the near future(within 5 years) that I will get my wish:An Intamin record breaking(tallest, longest,STEEPEST, fastest and most airtime)hyperwoodie as good or better than Heide Park's Colossos in my home country!

Thank you
Saturday, May 12, 2001 5:04 PM
Im not Jeff but i have a few ideas on this topic.I feel bad for Cedar Point that their signature woodie hasnt prefomed as well as they thought it would aganst the test of time. Cedar Point needs a wooden coaster that would get alot of attention. If they do then people wont critisize the Mean Streak as much as they do now. Then maeby Mean Streak Would get recognized for its good gualitys. *** This post was edited by son of beast on 5/12/2001. ***

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