Questions answered about next year at KD--well some of them:)

Yesterday, I was a guest again of ACE at their Fall Thrillfest at King's Dominion (TR up soon), and we had some questions answered by the GM about next year. Here we go, and someone correct me if you were there and I get anything wrong:

1) All Paramount logos will be gone including on the giant sign
2) Italian Job--changes to the name of the ride as well as the front and back of cars. I'm guessing that the style of the car body was a license with BMW/Mini-Cooper so Cedar Fair decided not to renew the license, OR, it wasn't available anymore due to the Paramount film connection. This was not elaborated on.
3) Hypersonic XLC--No decision yet. It could very well still be there next year.
4) And here's the one that everyone's been waiting for--the announcement for "The big one" (whatever that should be) should come in Novemeber. And why November? They're still trying to get a name they like, or something to that effect. I figure that might put a smile on some people's faces:)

There were no signs of any construction/preparation either so I would expect a late opening of whatever it is they're adding. Hey, he's the GM, you don't think he was just going to come out and tell us everything:) *** Edited 10/14/2007 4:27:03 PM UTC by Intamin Fan*** *** Edited 10/14/2007 4:28:11 PM UTC by Intamin Fan***

It's not like CF parks to have late openings on attactions. I guess Kinzel's negotiating skills aren't what they used to be!

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I was there I-Fan. He wasn't the GM. Vice President of Marketing, I believe. Kings Dominion has a new GM.

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^^Firehawk didn't open until Memorial Day weekend IIRC.

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I'll put my bet on that big announcement in November has something to do with a certain coaster be dismantled at Geauga Lake right now.
I suppose that TR:FF will just be known simply as FF from now on,rumor has it that's the name they're gonna use for GA's topspin as well.It does make sense if they're dropping the paramount movie thems alltogether to change the name on their topspin as well as on IJ:TC.

I'm suprised that they won't simply recycle the Dominator name like they did for Thunderhawk at MIA,this may mean a new color scheme for the ride as well.I'm just looking forward to that official announcement in a about 4 to 6 weeks. :)

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"Tell me what you're building, and the theme and location in the park, and I'll give you a name"....

...and I can even keep it secret...for a price... ;)

coasterguts said:
I was there I-Fan. He wasn't the GM. Vice President of Marketing, I believe. Kings Dominion has a new GM.

Thanks for the correction! I was trying to listen as well as eat, so the title went right over my head. Please check your PM box.

you forgot to tell them that had the placement of the new coaster basically correct in the photoshopped aerial pic they have online, it's just not turned in the direction they have it.
Screamscape has recently posted a photo update of the survey markers found in the area....if you ask me quite a few of the markers appear to be awfully close to Scooby doo's ghoster coaster though.

What makes you think that the ride will sit with the lift going towards haunted mansion rather than the main gate? If it were positioned that way it would put most of the ride in Kidzville.

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