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Hey! So, me and a 3 of my buddies are planning on taking a road trip up to Ohio to one of there brothers house. I suggested to go to Cedar Point for a day or 2 and everyone else agreed. I have a few simple questions.
  1. What weekday is the best to go?
  2. Are the coasters usually a long wait?
  3. Am I gonna end up only being able to ride 3 rides due to the rumors i hear?
  4. How is the food and the prices?
  5. What Rides should I deffinately ride?

So If anyone can answer these questions, That would be a really good help. :]

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1 Anyday but Friday

2 Well it sounds now that Maverick is open that is probably the most crowded, and I have heard rumors that everything else is relatively empty.

3 If you are worried, put a cast on and rent a wheel chair and pretend to have a broken foot, saves money on fast passes but its a pretty terrible thing to do.

4 Its CF expect to may steep prices

5 Maverick, TTD, MF, Raptor, WT and anything else you want to ride.

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1. Usually Monday and Tuesday are the better days to go.
2. You can have anything from a Walk-On to 3-4 hours depending on the day. Be prepared to wait at least an hour to an hour and a half for their top rides.
3. This is not a true rumor, you should be able to ride a good amount, depending on the situation.
4. Don't buy the park food, period. its ridiculous. $3 for soda and $8 for Burgers and fries. Look into eating outside the park if at all possible, or bring your own food.
5. Maverick, Magnum, Millennium Force, Raptor, Skyhawk, maXair just to name a few.

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