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So far Skyrush has been my number 1 anticipated roller coaster of the year. I'm finally planning a trip with my friend to Hershey Park sometime around Thanksgiving. All went well until my pant leg got stuck in my bicycle chain, and I ended up injuring my legs. My doctor told me it was all right to start getting back to work after a week but told me not to try ANYTHING that could hurt my legs for another month. Well I'm still going to HP, but here's my question. Is Skyrush as painful as it's rumored to be? I really want to ride it when I go.

Before you worry about injury, you should check on the Hersheypark website to see if the roller coasters are scheduled to operate during the winter event.
Spoiler alert: They aren't.

None of Hershey's coasters operate during the Christmas event. In fact, the only ride I'd call a "thrill ride" that does is the Claw (Frisbee-type.) Besides, ThighCrush closed early for the season, even before the Halloween events.

I did the event on Thanksgiving weekend in '09. Had fun, rode some stuff, great decorations..but it was colder than a witch's....refrigerator.

*EDIT*..Sorry..missed RCMAC's "spoiler alert."

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Dang...I really wanted to ride it. I only checked the park calender...hehe. I'll just wait for Jeff to close this topic I guess.

Every year I keep hoping that they will open at least 1 coaster, even Trailblazer but they seem against it. I know the cold is the excuse they always give but if Great Adventure can run everything except Kingda Ka in the mid 30's (closing day last year) and Sesame Place is planning on running Vapor Trail for their holiday event, Hershey should be able to run a coaster too.

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I'm happy for you that Skyrush is not open. It would only tempt you to ride it. It hurt my legs a lot.

Even if the coasters were open for this event, it was rumored that Skyrush closed about a month ago and was rumored to not reopen until next year, because of some kind of major problem.

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As of last weekend, at lease one, possibly both, trains are sitting on the ground near the queue area and in pieces. Could only see this from the sdlooper... they put a high wooden fence around the entrance to Skyrush for the Hersheypark in the Dark events.

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After a leg injury, the last thing you should ever do is ride Skyrush. Be thankful it is closed.

But if they fix the restraints...well, you GOTTA ride then. :) make sure to make it a priority next season if the problems are fixed.

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