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What an awesome place, not only are the coasters great but the Lake is beautiful!! So my question is on TTD it reaches 120 mph then up the hill, what is the speed reached on the descent?? Also after riding it twice and getting totally "frightened" on the take off, do you ever get used to the launch with more rides?? And does anyone have video of a rollback?? I found one on myspace that was people stuck on top, but I would like to see a rollback, I don't know that I would want to "experience" a rollback, just wanted to see one. Thanks ahead of time for being nice!

Here's one of it getting stuck on the top-hat.

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What goes up must come the same speed right?

After a few years and a few more launch coasters you won't be as frightened on the launch. Just relax.

I know people that have gotten a rollback when they were on it, go on a windy day and you'll have a better chance of getting one.

I'm sure someone has a video somewhere...try Googling.

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It's not the same speed. In the ideal non-friction world it would be, but there's obviously quite a bit of friction in all sort of forms.

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But it's pretty damn close. I don't know what they've clocked it at, but I'm sure it's way over 100. You still get cheek flap on the way down. :)

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...but I would like to see a rollback, I don't know that I would want to "experience" a rollback, just wanted to see one.

A rollback would essentially be a ride on S:TE at SFMM. (with a twist, of course :) )

Here are 2 rollback videos:

Are we not allowed to post POV videos like on pointbuzz? Because I have a POV of a rollback also and if it's allowed I'll post that too.

Well, I think they claim that you hit 120MPH on the way down. If you don't actually hit it, like Jeff said, it's pretty close. Remember that you're still moving at the top, so they're not dropping you 400' from a standstill.

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Actually they launch you faster then 120 right? So you could very easily hit 120 on the way down right?

I'm taking physics AP starting in 20 days so what I said was more of a smartass comment then anything...I don't really know that much about it.

Kyle Says: Diamondback was a lot of fun! Made his first time at Kings Island worth it all!

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Shouldn't it reach a slightly higher speed on the way down if it's still got some speed at the top and not dropping from a standstill?

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Regaurding the "Do you get frightened":

My answer is no:
I pretty much no what to exspect, and since I know exactly how the ride works, I can time our launch to the seconds.

Here's how.

You roll into the launch positon, you see the catch car come back. You hear what sounds like metal droping on metal. You then roll back a few inches, the launch brakes go down. And count to 5.

BOOM! You're gone.

Simple, and I also figured Wicked Twister, if you're interested.

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^^ Matt, if I understand correctly, and the height from the launch to the top was the same as the height from the top to the brakes ("drop height"), and there was no friction or other losses, then the speed at the bottom would equal the speed of the launch. Since we're not living in a vacuum, then the speed could never equal that of the launch (unless the "drop height" was greater than that from launch to top).

Consider it this way: If the train were to exert ALL it's energy on the way up and STALL perfectly at the top, and everything was friction-free, then the drop speed would necessarily equal the launch speed, right?

Did that even make sense? It's late, I'm going to bed.... ;)

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Don't even have to count to 5 at that point, just look at the lights, put your arms up and enjoy!
I got used to the launch after taking several, several rides. I used to feel... (hard to explain)..kinda..compacted? Pressurized? Squeezed? on the launch, but now I've been on Dragster around 20 times and after 10-15 it because more mild. I just feel a big push now. It feels less intense on my body.
Well, my 2003 Dragster video includes a rollback. (Requires QuickTime 6 or later)

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