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Anyone have the ACE calendar for this year? I'm not a member, but the other coaster calendars I've been buying the last several years were not available for 2012.

Anyhow, I noticed what I believe to be an error on the August page. They have SooperDooperLooper opening in 1978. I was positive it was 1977, because like many of us, it was my first looper, and I rode it on a 7th grade summer class trip (not during the school year) with a girl I had a severe crush on, and she held on to me the whole ride, so that was nice. I shoulda put that in the other tread about ride experiences. It was also the year my Dad passed, so it's a year that sticks with me. I double checked RCDB and it shows 1977 as its opening date, as does Wikipedia (I know...)

But CoasterBuzz' Rollercoaster page shows 1978, as does the ACE calendar.

So...which of those two years did Sooper actually open? Am I simply mis-remembering the time frame? (wouldn't be the first time.)

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Everything I've ever seen indicates 1977, the year after Revolution. The first Schwarzkopf shuttles opened that same year, and the 'looper was billed as the first looping coaster on the East coast, so it wouldn't have opened the next year.

Also, this. Their calendar is wrong.

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Straight from the horse's mouth.

"The SooperDooperLooper was unveiled on July 4, 1977, as the first steel looping roller coaster on the East Coast."

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