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I was browsing through RCDB and i came upon Sequoia Adventure at Gardaland. has anyone ridden this before? are the seats comfortable while hanging upside down? is the structure actually on a tilt or is that poor photography? here's a link:

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The structure is built on an angle.
The restraints are similar to those of a Screamin' Swing and the Powderkeg coaster both of which are very comfortable.

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

Since we're on the topic. When you go around the bend to go upside is it just gravity or are there breaks on the actualy drop slowing you down so you dont fly around too fast?
I remember Hershey was supposed to get one a few years ago, but had trouble with the company who was going to build it. Is there another company that builds these, or did Hershey just totally dish the idea?
No, Hershey was going to buy a Frequent Faller from Interactive Rides. They're was a disagreement over the price of the ride and what was in the contract which led to the project being cancelled. S&S however has managed to sell three Screamin' Squirrels.

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

I like the screaming squirrel layouts that have more of a mouse type layout, with some turns at the top and through the layout.
Screamin' Squirrel looks like a torture device to me. I can get the same sensation hanging up-side-down on some playground monkey bars.

I'm not saying that I wouldn't ride one if I were visiting a park that had one, but it would probably be just one ride for a credit.

The Frequent Faller, on the other hand, looks like just a little bit more fun to me, for the simple fact that it doesn't leave you hanging up-side-down. they both have such a short and, imo, pointless layout.

SS...Turn, straight up, straight, up-side-down, straight, up-side-down, straight, up-side-down, straight, turn.

FF...Up, straight, backwards, straight, backwards, straight, backwards.

I've been on it. It's certainly odd, and I wouldn't say it's uncomfortable, but it's not something I'd make a major effort to reride. The cars maintain pretty much a constant speed throughout.

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If the Screamin' Squirrel was as bad as everyone who HASN'T ridden says it is....why did two MORE get built?

Oh, wait, bad question...there's *four* versions of DV, so.... ;)

Hey, Deja Vu is a great ride; just an unreliable one!

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General consensus is these things are at best forgettable and at worst really not fun at all.

But then again how many of those awful Volare things have been built? Who knows why the world works this way.

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