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So the wife and I are thinking about heading down to FL in October and she ran across this website today (

When I look at the site, it almost sounds too good to be true, 2 tickets to any theme park for 25 bucks and hotels for 23 bucks a night (not the greatest but I won't be in the hotel that much)

Has anyone used this website and is this legit? I just can't believehow Disney tickets that just got raised to 67 bucks are 2 for 25 on this website?

What is the hidden nugget in this that I am not seeing?

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I'm thinking they're probably selling timeshares or something...Orlando is rotten with stuff like that. Can't hurt to check it out further though, information never hurt anybody...

Generally, my rule is: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is...

Then again, when I'm in Orlando, I just make the 2-hour drive home... ;)

Never thought of that, I got "stuck" in a timeshare on my honeymoon in the Dells.

That will never happen again but I did get 2 free Mt Olympus tickets.

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* A 90-minute (120 minutes in Las Vegas) VIP tour and sales presentation is required in order to qualify for the ticket offer.
* Married and cohabiting couples must be between the ages of 25-68 with a valid photo I.D., or passport to qualify with a combined gross annual household income of $40,000 ($50,000 for Las Vegas offers).
* Failure to meet the qualifications and attend the sales presentation will result in a penalty of $100 per night of stay. Gratuities, transportation or meals are NOT included, unless specified in confirmation letter.
* Ticket Offers requiring a tour are not valid in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Maine, and Washington State.
* Ticket Offers are non-transferable and are not valid in conjunction with any other promotion. These offers are not available to groups, family reunions (three or more families traveling together), current Westgate Resorts owners, CFI/Westgate Resorts employees and their immediate families. Persons who have toured the same Westgate Resort location within the last 12 months or that have participated in a Westgate Resorts' discounted promotional offer, requiring a tour, more than once are subject to a surcharge.
* Subject to the above qualification, this offer is available to citizens of the United States. This offer may not be available to citizens and residents of some countries. I/we have confirmed my/our eligibility for the gift offer with the marketing representative prior to arranging for my/our tour.

I have heard bad things about these sorts of deals... but if you do a google search you can turn up some reviews on this company; not all of them bad
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Always the small print that gets ya isn't it?

Thanks SFDL_Dude, I knew there was something fishy about it.

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