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It looks like I will have a chance to finally stop by and check out this interesting park in a couple of weeks, but most likely I will be arriving late on Friday night. I saw that they offer a $25 pass from 10pm-12pm. My question is: Do you think I will be able to hit all 6 coasters at least once, in just two hours on a Friday night? Thanks for any help and insight you all may have. (Also if you have any tips on good places to park, I would be very grateful)

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I've went there for a week last year. Even if the ride lines are dead for those two hours, it doesn't sound like a good deal. The thing is, the three piers are a long walking distance from each other. A lot of your time will be spent walking from one pier to the next. The coasters are not the only attraction to the piers. I'd hate to feel rushed while there. It's so unusual and interesting that you might want to take your time.

If you are going to be there more than one day, I'd do something else for those few hours. Ghost Ship is one of the coolest haunts I've been through.

You can always take the tram from place to place, if you don't mind spending the money. I think it's $5 per trip. You could spend $20 or $30 just on tram rides that night.

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Tram ride is 3 dollars. The space between the first 2 isn't bad. Adventure pier is a bit of a walk (the one with the Great White) and there really isn't anything else on that pier.

I just rode GNE sunday.. it's running rough as hell. The blue train needs some service or something. It feels like it has square wheels.

To answer your question, at that hour, Sunday, everything was a walk on, including Ghost Ship. 2 hours you are going to have to hustle, but it should be doable.

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Are you sure it's always $3, billib? I went in early June of last year. I would think my stingy ass would easily part with $3 for a ride, but not $5. I wish they sold an all day pass for the trams. I'd pay $20 for that.

"Watch the tram car please! Watch the tram car please!"

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Here is a Morey's Piers video I made from my trip last year.

Nice video. I enjoyed it.

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It was the first video I ever made. I'm no Jeff Putz when it comes to video creating. LOL

I have gone for the $25 Friday night special a few times. It is a good deal for a quick visit when compared to paying per ride ($8.80 to ride Great White). However, for a first time visitor, this really is not the way to properly experience the place. It is not a small "park" by any means. The number of rides rivals any big regional amusement park. Just hitting the coasters would mean missing out on the excellent Zoom Phloom (log flume) and the unique lapbars-only KMG Afterburner.

It should be possible to experience all of the coasters in the 2 hours, but it really all depends on crowds, which can be unpredictable. Expect to have moderate waits for Great White, Sea Serpent, and Flitzer. (Nor'Easter, Doo Wopper, and Rollies Coaster are normally walk-ons.) Flitzer often gets the longest lines due to its low capacity. You're best bet might actually be to get there early and pony up the $5.50 to get your Flitzer ride out of the way before 10pm.

Keep in mind that the walk will take up some of your time, as it is nearly a mile walk from Nor'Easter to Great White. Also note that they start selling the wristband right at 10pm, and not a minute before. A line at the ticket window can eat into your riding time.

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