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I spent two days at Great Adventure and a trip report is coming soon! However I have a question about Kingda Ka. Why does it not open until at least noon? Both days it never opened with the park. The first day it opened right at noon, but the second day it did not open until around 4:30. I must say its definately getting better. The first day I was there, it did not break down at all while i was in line. The second day it had periodic break downs, but i managed to reopen quickly. Just wondering if anyone knows why it seems to never open with the park. Thanks!

*EDIT*-The same question for El Toro as well, though they seemed to get Toro open by eleven *** Edited 8/5/2006 1:25:55 PM UTC by Goliath Freak***

I think it's just a coincidence with maintenance issues on the noon opening. I was there last month with a friend, and Kingda Ka was open at park opening along with El Toro.

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Kingda Ka frequently opens late in the day when I am at Great Adventure. I think the reason is that the ride simply can't operate all day long without breaking down so they limit its operation time to try and avoid the spectacle of shutting it down midday.
It's very similar to how Batwing ran in the first couple of years.

Back in 01/02 the ride wouldn't be open til around noon or sometimes as late as 2 pm,but now that they're improving a bit on the reliability of the ride it usually opens with the if only they can get two trains running consistently that would be a real improvement as I hear they're currently back down to one.

I went last week and KK was open with the park but El Toro wasnt open unitl about one. KK had two breakdowns in an hour and a half and they took 10 minutes to cleanup someones puke. Batwing normally only has one train now I think and thay only get like three trains out at the start of the day and its broken for 5 hours. They really need to work on that.
Batwing was the worse line ever Kingda Ka is almost as bad if not equal on a good day.

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