Question about Flying turns

Has this ride oppened yet. I looked at the update page and the last update they has is from 2007. Then I went to Knoebels homepage thinking maybe I missed it opening but it still says coming soon. Are they having problems building it or is their another reason it hasn't opened. It looks like it will be a fun ride if it ever does open.
Safe to say, since there haven't been any trip reports or evals on it, it probably hasn't opened yet. 9I mean, otherwise, this board would be full of critiques on that ride.)

While I am not certain, I believe they are having unforeseen issues with the cars, etc. Not surprising given they are replicating an 80 year old design (and look at how many new rides have "growing pains" when they open).

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The current Flying Turns thread with the most recent info can be found here.

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