Question about floorless coaster

Saturday, July 22, 2000 10:26 AM
I'm sorta new at this, what exactly is a floorless coaster... is it like an inverted?
Saturday, July 22, 2000 12:15 PM
A floorless coaster is like a sitdown coaster but the floor has been taken away, and your feet are hanging over the track. It's like sitting in a runaway recliner. I hope that answered you rquestion.


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Saturday, July 22, 2000 3:01 PM
What happens if your shoe comes off while your on a floorless coaster, wouldnt your shoe get caught between the car and the track ?

Saturday, July 22, 2000 5:02 PM
no...actually, the shoe wouldn't get caught between the track and car...if you have seen a floorless you'd understand why its not possible
Saturday, July 22, 2000 7:50 PM
Basically (on Batman Knight Flight, anyway, I don't remember if Medusa East had them, and those are the only 2 floorlesses I've been on) there's a wheel guard that would sweep away anything on the track before the wheel encountered it.


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