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I haven't ridden an inverted coaster in years due to my weight, I've been dieting and can now ride some rides, such as the bigger seats on Sheikra a few months ago and currently I was able to ride wild eagle on a normal seat, does anyone know if Banshee will have a row of bigger seats? I think I may be in between normal seat and bigger seat size, but I don't want to make the media day trip unless I'm sure the bigger seats will be there just incase I need them.

On the CBuzz tour last year I was told they will have big seats.

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Since it has the same restraint as Gatekeeper, I'd say you've got a good shot.

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Unless you are short and huge, you should have no problem. The "short" comment is because the station floor on Banshee, unlike other inverts, doesn't lower and raise to make it easier to climb into the seats. It's kind of like jumping into the seats on Wicked Twister.

Row 4 is the row you want. It actually has different colored seat belts. they are orange instead of black, to identify (I guess) that they are somewhat longer for those who, like myself, are larger. Good luck! It's a fun ride!

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