Question about A-B Season Passes.

I am heading down to BGE this weekend and was considering buying a two year platinum pass. I was thinking of doing this since I was looking at Florida next March, Seaworld and BGA were planned, and Texas either later in 2009 or early 2010.

With the sale to InBev is there a large possibility that I could get burned on the cost if I buy the pass outright rather than do the payment plan?

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I bought passes from BGA and they were only good for BGA, and we got Seaworld passes in Orlando, and they were only good for Seaworld in Orlando, but I dont think we got the platinum pass, so that might differ.

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The platinum is a 2 year chain wide pass. You can pay upfront $300+ or do a monthly payment of around $15.

I'd actually prefer to pay the lump sum for 2 years and then reevaluate my finances and plans 2 years down the road right now then have a $15 monthly bill for the next two years right now, but if I can figure out that I have a good chance of being told the pass is no longer valid after a sale then I'd do the monthly payments.

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You won't get burned by buying the two-year platinum pass. IF the Belgians sell the parks, it will probably not be piecemeal.

The money they collect on a two-year pass is accounted for as deferred revenue, divided evenly over the next 24 months. So if a sale takes place the new owner is entitled to the balance of that. The new buyer would be nuts to kill the passes, having to pay you back the difference.

Now IF InBev somehow sells the parks to different companies, that would complicate things, though even then they would probably still honor the passes.

Unless they can't find buyers for the parks and turn the whole lot of them into shopping malls and industrial complexes. *sigh*

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These parks aren't going anywhere. If InBev decides to sell and can't find buyers, they will probably continue to operate them as they are profitable.

Heck, maybe InBev will see opportunity with these parks and be able to promote their existing line of beverages in the parks.

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The only difference will be in BGE, you can get more beers.

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Why would you even ask anyone here that question? You should call one of the parks, who will tell you they will honor whatever is in print.

Season pass revenue is classified as an 'period reveune', and with the monthly income, its better for the period expenses.

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Anyone remember how the PARC-7F honored the SF passes for the first year? I think the situation would be the same....honoring the "prepaid guests" is part of the agreement I would imagine - it IS the hospitable way to go...

Oh, also should note - the PPs available AT the parks are apparently more expensive - SWF's PP offer was for....either 430 or 450 for the 2 years.

Thanks for the answers.

I have gone with the monthly pay method and am currently at my Hotel about to head out for day 2, was supposed to be day 1 but I got a few hours in last night, at the park.

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