Ques. re. Valleyfair and KCS

Friday, March 9, 2001 11:53 AM
I tried searching in the TR forum, but each of the posts kinda trailed off with a slew of question marks (literally, like this ??????? etc) so I'm just going to ask here.

My sis and her close friend are going to Mall of America in late June. So I suggest to sis that I go with and we check out KCS and Valleyfair. The main questions I have are:

1. Is it worth it to get an all day wristband @ KCS? I mean, I'll ride the coaster (ripsaw), maybe the roto-shake, and the dark ride, but that's all that jumps out at me. Are they re-rideable and/or are there other attractions that shouldn't be missed?

2. Using the "point" system at KCS, can points be shared among riders? For example, I buy a ticket with twenty points, can I use 6 points for me to ride the coaster and six points for my sister (for us to ride at the same time) or do we each need our own ticket?

3. Is ValleyFair a) a park that can be done in a few hours (say from 5pm-midnight), b) an "all day" park (like SFGAm) or c) a "two-day" park (like CP)?

4. This will likely be the only time I EVER get to VF so, besides the coasters and *maybe* power tower, are there any "dont miss" atractions (this would include flat rides, good shows, food places, etc.).

5. How far from MoA is VF?

I'm hoping RandyH or CPlaya or someone else can help me out. I appreciate your time.

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