Q&A: Russell Winter of Memphis Kiddie Park

Posted | Contributed by Jason Hammond

On the same day in 1952, the Wintners opened Memphis Kiddie Park in Brooklyn and welcomed a son, Russell. Now Russ runs the landmark play land, one of the nation's few surviving amusement parks for tots.

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Love Memphis, the big dipper was my first coaster and the park hasn't really changed since I was a kid.

Just got to take my own daughter there last summer for the first time, she was only 2 but still had a blast. Even rode the dipper multiple times - even though she looked terrified on it when she got off she wanted to get right back in line :)

Not many places where a ticket you bought in the 50's is still valid today!

I grew up there! So happy to see it doing so well for so long. Always looks busy when I drive by.

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Before we moved, we never took Simon there. Since we had passes to Cedar Point, which has similar stuff, it wasn't that compelling. That, and I'm bitter that no one took me there as a kid. :)

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I never got to go there either. Now, the fact that we lived in Cleveland between the time I was in the 2nd grade to the 9th might've had something to do with it. I was too old and too big.

I still wanted to go, though...

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