Could someone explain to me the differences between the regular and gold qbot? Are there any other kinds, and also what the prices are? I cant't seem to find the info online...a link would be fine as well.
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Regular Q-bot makes you wait the estimated time of the line. Gold cuts it by 75%.

For example, the line for a given ride is around 60 minutes. Regular Q-bot will tell you to come back in an hour, Gold Q-bot will tell you to come back in 15 minutes.

Not sure if pricing varies from park-to-park or if the prices raised along with everything else for 2006, but here's the 2005 prices for SFOG.

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Can you do multiple reservations? Like reserve a ride thats 60 minute wait then go right over and reserve another ?
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Yup, but you'll wait until the first 60 minutes is up before the second will begin.


At 1pm you reserve rides for coaster A and coaster B - both have a 60 minute line. At 2pm your Q-bot will tell you it's time to ride coaster A, then the 60 minute countdown for coaster B begins. At 3pm the Q-bot will tell you it's time to ride coaster-B.

Much more efficient use of the Q-bot is to reserve the ride for coaster A and get in line for coaster B. Once you're done with coaster B, the ride time should be just about up for coaster A.

That's how you do true 'Two-for-One' riding. :)

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