Q-bot To Be Used For Rides at Dollywood

Ok so what your saying is that some rides have a pretty short line, but I do recall a time at DollyWood that I went on Blazing Fury and had to wait thirty minutes before I got to ride it, can PLEASE explain that for me?
I still don't comprehend the process behind Q2Q for shows. You'll still have people with the Q-bot showing up early to get the "best seat". So, there's still going to be a queue. Just doesn't make sense to me. Disney does this too, and they just let people with FastPass into the pre-show area first. You usually get the "better" seat without FastPass. At least that's been my experience.
^I believe specific theatre seats are reserved for the Q2Q users. See Dollywood's page on it.
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I still don't comprehend the process behind Q2Q for shows. You'll still have people with the Q-bot showing up early to get the "best seat".

It's not just about the best seat, it's about a seat. Dollywood shows are quite popular and ensuring you get a seat means standing around in line for a long time. The point of this is that you're guaranteed a seat without standing around an hour before the show waiting to ensure a seat. Your seat is held for you. Go do other stuff while these people wait in the heat for an hour to see the show. You can show up a few minutes before showtime and claim a seat.

It's about time management. (if fact, that's the entire point of the q-bots at all the parks)

Taken directly from the Dollywood site linked a few posts above...

"How much is Q2Q?
$10 (plus tax) for the first person; $5 (plus tax) for each additional member of your party using the same Q-bot. One Q-bot is valid for a maximum of six people. At participating shows, children ages three and under who sit on a parent’s lap do not require a Q-bot reservation. For rides, all passengers must be assigned to a Q-bot. Q2Q theatre seating capacity is limited."

1. That's pretty cheap.

2. theater seating is limited. It doesn't sound to me like Q-Bot is guaranteeing a seat for the shows, so I am still wondering, why you need it for shows again?

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Dexter said:
...so I am still wondering, why you need it for shows again?

From the same page:

"Waiting in line is no fun. Fun is rides, watching shows, shopping, dining, seeing a craft demonstration or just exploring the park. Using Q2Q doesn’t physically place you at the beginning of the line—it simply does the waiting while you have fun...Please be aware that your Q-bot will hold your place in line at the theatre and/or ride until 15 minutes before your designated show and/or ride time."

So I guess the answer is because you can go do other things instead of wait in line forever to see one show. (kind of exactly what I posted before :) )

Why can't you just show up 15 minutes to see the show, enter the theater, and find a seat without a Q-Bot? I just do not understand how this works for shows. The show is going to start when it is scheduled to start, regardless if I am standing in line 15 minutes before or 1 hour before.

I guess I'd just have to be there in order to understand. At Disney Parks, I would show up at a show 5 or 10 minutes before it was scheduled and still get to see it from the beginning. What's different with Dollywood's shows?

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You're just dicking with me, aren't you?

I guarantee you didn't show up a few minutes before show time and see something like Fantasmic! at MGM - and that show seats 6500.

The Disney page for the show mentions the ampitheatre opens 90 minutes before show time. That's not just a fun fact, it a big hint - if you want to see this show be here 90 minutes early if you want a seat.

Fodors.com suggests showing up an hour early if you expect a seat and also recommends the dinner package that includes reserved seating to guarantee a seat.

This site says:
"...we sat up against the rail at the Rivers of America for almost 2 hours to have a front row center seat."

The point is the same as the Dollywood shows - they're extremely popular. People start lining up for the show in advance. WAY in advance in some cases. Show up a few minutes before show time and all the seats are accounted for by people who chose to stand there to guarantee a seat for the show.

Q-bot holds that seat for you so you don't have to stand around to get a seat - much like the Disney dinner package ensures you a seat without having to wait two hours to guarantee one.


Essentially these shows are very popular and the crowds line up well in advance of the showtime to get a seat.

Okay. When you compare the shows to Fantasmic it makes more sense. If the shows were comparable to say, the Beauty and the Beast show a few attractions away, than it would be a different story.

No, Gonch. I'm not dicking around with you (lol).

I didn't arrive any more than 10 or 15 minutes before the Lion King show at DAK, Indiana Jones and Beauty and The Beast at MGM, Magic Shows at CP during Halloweekends, or any dolphin show at any of the various parks that have them. That's what I was comparing these shows to. I have never been to DW, by the way.

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That's not to say the shows are comparable to Fantasmic!, just that the demand to see them is. :)

I don't know if it's been covered before. I think the BOt is new for rides but some shows at Dollywood have had a reservation system for a while now. These were GIVEN and not a extra charge.

My only visit was for Christmas Celebration a couple years ago. By showing up early, They let us in for a early show in the grand hall that was booked for a group of seniors. When I came out the next two shows had already been SOLD OUT and they were giving tickets for the 6pm showing.

Now thats a big hall, I bet it seats ever bit of 9000

Chuck, who found most rides were walk on all day on that thursday Christmas Celebration visit.

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