Python removal article

Even if it is true, quoting ScreamScape my jeopordize career advancement.

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Not exactly "new news". Sometime around 6-8 weeks ago, IIRC, we had some sort of "confirmation" of this rumor. The reasn I recall it is because it kick-started my advertising campaign for DelGrosso's and THEIR *new* Arrow loopscrew, from Libertyland. :)
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Well, I normally would just "edit" my prior post, but this IS new news...and I *hate* starting threads!

So, anyhow, just got an e-mail that places Python's removal at around Halloween of this year. They're having a last-rides celebration, with firm date TBA. Interested FL ACE members contact your reps...via e-mail... ;)

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Python was a great coaster, I hope someone picks it up.
Yeah a rough miserable coaster. BGT is my home park and I haven't ridden it in years

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