Python getting squeezed out on Halloween...

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It's official. Python at BGT (A) will be giving out its last rides on Halloween, then closing forever at the park.

Highly doubt it would be relocated....although it might be considered "fair value" for the mouse that came from BGW (E) a couple years' back...(not really *fair*, LOL, that was more of a joke)...

Goodbye of the original Arrow Corkscrew coasters. Operated for just over 30 years....a good long lifespan.

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I rode Python back in '02 and I was impressed with how smooth the corkscrews were. Even though it was a very short standard Arrow corkscrew it was a great ride. For being a 30 year old ride that certainly isn't bad at all and while I wish it would be relocated to a smaller park I can understand why it might not be.

So long Python, you will be missed.

~Rob Willi

Python was my first inversion, nearly 25 years ago, and it set me on the road to Enthusiasm.

Well, I can now add another defunct coaster to my track record....Python, Drachenfire & King Cobra.

Maybe I'll be able to add Flashback to that list soon ;)

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