Puppeteers at Disney California Adventure say show closure is over union activities

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Disney's decision to end the Disney Junior puppet show at California Adventure comes after a contentious two-year period during which the puppeteers joined a union, the American Guild of Variety Artists. Some puppeteers allege that Disney is closing their show in retaliation for their decision to do so.

Read more from The LA Times.

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I doubt the unionization of a few dozen employees were the issue. If the show is anything like the one at Hollywood Studios, it just feels dated and very narrow in its appeal. My kid was into it at age 4, and by the time six months had passed, he was not at all interested in seeing it again. The shows on Disney Junior I think have a much wider age range appeal, but the puppet show, to me, doesn't match that audience.

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They sure didn't gain much by joining the union. A foolish move in my opinion.

However, Disney Junior is a dated, tired show, especially in a theme park that is frequented by locals. This show is long overdue for replacement.

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If the union didn't hurt them or help them....why's that a foolish move? Just curious if you were thinking about the particulars of the situation, or talking more broadly about unions in general...

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