Publisher of Mass Effect video game says California's Great America will build themed ride

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BioWare has revealed a Mass Effect-themed ride will be opening at California's Great America in 2016. The ride, which is described as a "dynamic 3D adventure" will be hosted by a live performer and "take guests on a journey to a distant planet, where they will face off against larger-than-life foes and fight to save the day."

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Was wondering where "California's Great Adventure" was.

Thought it might be half-way between Great America and Magic Mountain.... ;~P

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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Yeeeeeeeee super excited for this one. I was at the park on Saturday for the Haunt, and the theater is already shut down and under construction. (The downside is they usually have a horror-themed motion-movie in the 4D theater for Haunt, so they are not doing that this year). As a fan of both the park, and a huge fan of Mass Effect, I can't wait for this!!

Of course they do exaggerate quite a bit. Rather than a "new attraction", they're really just changing the movie in the 4D theater. The movie has gone from Days of Thunder, to a generic Indiana Jones type thing, to SpongeBob, to Happy Feet, with a few other randoms mixed in there. The props and décor is usually not too impressive, due to only being there a few seasons.

But after all that being said, still going to be very cool!

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Oh yeah and the title needs a correction... "California's Great America", not "Adventure" ;)

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Now Carowinds is getting a Plants Vs. Zombies attraction:

It would appear that CF and EA have made some kind of deal.


Can Cedar Point get a Sims attraction and maybe Kings Island get a attraction? Word Whomp for everyone!

Michigan's Adventure can get a Spore attraction because nobody cares anyway.

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CP's EA attraction should be from the Madden franchise... That would be cool, being in the middle of a larger-than-life football game! But I'm sure the NFL would want a pretty hefty licensing fee.

But then again, what do I know?

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Just thought of a great theme for a new coaster!


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Pong: the Ride

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Lots of headbanging on that one.


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