Pteranodon Flyers policy?

A while back I heard that Adults without small kids were allowed to ride Pteranodon Flyers first thing in the day. Does anyone know if this is still true?

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My roommate and I are both 28 years old.
In January, we rode them in the middle of the day with no problem.

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^The key point being..."in January".

It's still a "child required" ride anytime during the day in season, except for those first few rides. Once there is ANY kind of line, they start enforcing the rule again...get there EARLY, you can get a ride. If the park is *completely* empty, you should be able to talk your way on...but that's not something you can depend on, and almost never happens until schools are fully cranked up.

They never did take me up on the 2-across seating idea - it's such a cool ride, but capacity is an absolute nightmare.

thanks gator
I didn't want to waste a 'rope drop' running to PF if they won't let me on.
Wish me luck, this'll be my fourth trip to IOA and this is the one ride I've never made it onto. It looks cool, but not 2 hour wait cool.

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If you get there quickly there isn't a problem. IMHO it's the best coaster in the park - enjoy it :)

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You know, I've been a passholder for like three years and I still haven't been on the damn thing. What's worse, I've stayed on property almost every time, meaning I could roll out of bed and get there at whatever time with no inconvenience.

I'm bitter. :)

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My last trip we were on property, and we had the kids so I would've met the "height requirement", but our schedule was centered around the chirren so by the time we made it around to Jurassic Park the line was already long, and of course it's the one attraction in the whole resort that doesn't accept the resort guest express pass (rightfully so).

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My friend and I waited a long while in line and when we got up there they didn't say anything to us. Maybe it depends on the crew? Who knows, but it is a pretty fun ride, I suggest getting there early to be able to ride it.


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I worked on that ride in 2000-'01. If things have not changed, it really depends on how long the line is. They can't risk making the line any longer for the kids so they turn the adults away.

it's very short, but very fun! It starts out slow, and gets faster and faster, ending with a very sharp and fast turn at the end.

Imagine what a bitch it is to work at the ride. Try to explain in many different languages that the ride is for children, but if you are an adult or a kid over a certain hight, you can accompany a kid. Only 1 adult of kid who is too tall per child. After all of that, tell them in whatever language they speak that the line is 2 hours long. Ugg! The nightmares are coming back as I type this...

I had a silly game I played to try to communicate who could ride with who when a huge group of tourists came to the entrance of the ride. Holding the hight stick up to each person, I would form two lines across from each other. One line had kids and adults who were to tall, and one had kids who were small enough. I would then pair a person in one line with a person in the other line.

They couldn't understand a word that I was saying and I couldn't understand a word they were saying, but the bystanders who did understand me got a real kick out of it.

I won a free meal or something because I came up with an ingenious idea. My idea was that they could put the hight requirement on a sing in many different languages so the poor entrance person wouldn't have a nervous breakdown. Did I mention that the idea was ingenious?

As of leaving employment with the park due to moving back north in November of '01, I hadn't seen my idea become reality. They said that they were having trouble figuring out how to describe the policy in so many different languages. Does anyone know if did it yet? lol.


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Credit whores!
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I may be a credit whore but I'm proud of it and it is fun for me :)

Anyway on my first visit to IOA, I was aware about children policy, so I came up to the guy, he said no at first. I was six feet two. Then I simply explained that I'm a roller coaster enthusiast and want to get credit for it, he paused for few seconds then let me in.

I had friends pissed at me since they cant ride it while I can, oops.

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If it were a Vekoma Roller Skater with such a policy and people were trying to work the system, I'd agree with you TTD. But this is a one-of-a kind coaster that by all reports is quite fun.

I will say that the fact it's such a rare credit does make it a little more intriguing.


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You people are sounding like it's a really good coaster. Maybe, it's not even about the credits. At Cypress Gardens, I really like that Okeechobee Rampage ride, and I ride it over and over again. It's a really fun ride. The Swamp Thing is not bad either, but it's not like the Ok ride.

I'm not really a credit person. The parks I don't go often though, I want to remember if that coaster was good, great, or it stunk so whether or not I should waste my time on it the next time I go there. That Fairly Odd Coaster was another awesome one. Imo, much better than Beast, or Son of Beast. PTC rules!

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I am a credit whore - and I'll freely admit it.

Nevertheless, scoring a ride on Pteranodon Flyers is actually well worth doing; it's a lot of fun.

Richard Bannister said:
it's the best coaster in the park - enjoy it

Yes. Obviously. It's WAY bettter than Dueling Dragons ;)

The last time I rode the Flyers the ride ops insisted that adults could only ride if accompanied by a child. So we gathered ourselves into a suitable group consisting of 2 adults and 2 children (one aged eight, the other ten). The ride ops then insisted that the two children ride together in one car and that the adults ride together in the car behind them! How does that work then?

Personally, I liked the Hulk best.

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You are right, Martin, That does not make sense. Part of the child/adult appeal of the ride is that the children get to experience the ride with their parents together.

I loved working that ride, and this thread has made me miss it a little. I met Tony Hawk and his son twice on that ride. Tony winked at me after I told him to enjoy his

Josh Ryan Evans, the little person who was on the soap "Passions" loved the ride. (He also played the younger Grinch in the Jim Carry movie.) He was too small to ride P-fliers, but the park let him anyway. It was probably one of just a few rides he could ride. I saw him there about once a month. I would always pick him up and set him into the front chair. We chatted once while I worked at entrance and he was one of the nicest and coolest people I've ever met. Sadly, he died shortly after I left Florida.

There were many other, more popular, celebs I came into contact with, but Evans was my favorite.


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It's not about adding another one to the count. It's a unique experience that "another B&M" can't give you.

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^Ding ding ding! We have a winner....

"Another kiddie credit" describes the Vekoma rollerskaters (which can also be pretty cool: see the duo at USF/IoA). Miler kiddies can deliver some great rides...but PF is a one-of-a-kind.

Wish I'd gotten to ride Spellbreaker at Legoland, a similar type of ride. These weird "kiddie suspendeds" seem to have short life-spans, kinda surprised PKI's lasted as long as it did. Horrendous capacity, recommended for the small parks only.

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Spellbreaker? You didn't miss anything Gator. It was just another kiddie credit ;)

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