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Thursday, August 2, 2001 9:05 PM
This was my annual trip to DL and now that DCA is open I looked foward to this more than any other trip I have took. Me, my mom and my sister were armed with 4 day park hopper passes so that made it even better! First day was a visit to DL but DCA somehow got involved this day..

Got to the park a little before 10 AM. I wanted to ride Spalsh Mountain scence I haven't ridden it my past couple visit's and it would have a short line at this time.

Splash Mountain, about a 15 minute to 20 minute wait and it moved quick through the very nicely themed queue.
AWESOME RIDE! The drop in the dark was weeter than the final drop! The final drop was great cause the log has no restraint to keep you in and you can't hold onto much. The animatronics are so awesome to! decded to grab a fast pass and head to Pirates and Haunted Mainsion.

Pirates of the Carribiean!
If you liek animatroncics this is your ride! There is no waut due to the super high capacity and it is a very long ride.

Haunted Mainsion, I had a real bad exprence with the infamous pre show. I had completly forgot about the finale of the show and it was accually scary! The ride is also preety good and there is only one thing that pops up the whole ride, just a much scarrier Pirates of the carribiean type ride except for the awesome doom buggies.

Back to Splash Mounatin for the use of the fast pass, the line was a lot longer now and the ride got me more wet scence I was in the front of the log.

We then got a fastpass for Indy and went to Big Thunder Mountain! About a 20 minute wait. The ride was great as usual. The fianle after 3rd lift hill was very dissapointing still a great ride.

It was INDY TIME! Fastpass worked wonderfully. I also got to pull the stick in the spike room and it reall scared the people behind me! [ the room makes a VERY lound noise like the spikes are coming down] The ride was awesome as usual! Its a real wonder how the Imagineers put this 200 million dollor wonder together in the early to mid 90's. I really thought about how awesome Tomb Radier could be but this isn't Disney designing the ride.. 10/10!
Next up was the family favroite Matterhorn. it had a full queue and had a 40 minute wait. Well worth it! We rode the tomorrow land side and GUESS WHAT? WE RACED THE FANTASY LAND SIDE! YES RACED! Unitl of corser we went down the tunnel and met up the second time with the abonimal snow monster. This ride is so awesome fresh off its rehab! Riding the best I have seen it! Here are some points of interest... We were about to to board a train when the op called the main control tower above the station and pointed to some gum in the seat the train then within the blink of an eye left the station along with track under and off the platform! Then came the new piece of track from under the station very cool stuff. This ride also has no steel spine in the middle of the track!

Then to Tomorrow Land.

Space Mountain, 20 minute wait. Wow this ride's queue moved fast when we were inside the buidling! I love the theming and the ride it seems like you are going so fast but you feel no forces, sweet ride! 9.5/10.

The rest of the day consisted of getting some re rides, riding the monorail, checking in to hotel and eating dinner. Then I could wait no moore, night was about to fall and I just had to go to.. DCA. We were supposed to just see the electrical parade but I had an uncontrible earge to ride Sorin over Califronia! I didn't know about single rider so I ended up wating the full 75 minutes for this and the queue is slow moving and boooooring. It's just cutbacks out side the building intil you get inside, then the queue is accuallty preety interesting but your only in there for a little bit. The ride doesn't have a preshow really just a short safty speil. Now I will try to describe this for some of you reading on other boards that might not know much about this ride. You are divide up into 3 groups. you enter the large theater were there is a large dome shpaed Imax screen and 3 sections of seats that are 3 rows deep and have 8 seats, they look a lot like an inverted coaster train with no OTSR's just seatbelts! The best I could call this is an inverted motion simulator. Now you are cleared for take off and the small half roof over the train that houses these small vents lowers over you, the lights go pitch black. You suddenly relize your not on the ground anymore your flying and when the IMax screen comes on you look around and you way off the ground in the doem shape of the screen. The three rows kinda fold the first row has it's own level and it veiws the ride from up there same goes with the rest of the seats. Now the vents that lowered toward your train play a big role in the ride, as fly over the orange groves and rewoods you accually smell the smells how cool is that!? This ride is a ture winner and is worth any wait time!
I am going to save my CA Screamin report for PT 2 scence that is when I will talk about some very cool and interesting things about the ride took place..
Back to DL for a Night ride On Big Thunder then it was the end to day 1 of the DL AND DCA TRIP!
Steel top 5
4. Riddler's Revenge
5. Goliath
Thursday, August 2, 2001 10:14 PM
When did you go?
Thursday, August 2, 2001 10:15 PM
I was there Tuesday.
Friday, August 3, 2001 7:41 PM
COOL! This was Monday, CA Adventure was mostly Tuesday.

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