Psyclone @SFMM &Ga. Cyclone @SFOG?

Tuesday, May 15, 2001 7:26 PM
I know they are clones of the Coney IsLand Cyclone, but are they clones of each other like Batman The Ride. If so then why does
Ga. Cyclone get all the praise. *** This post was edited by Doughboy on 5/15/2001. ***
Tuesday, May 15, 2001 9:00 PM
Because Psyclone is stinking ROUGH! It didn't bother me, but apparently it bothers most people...

Saviour machine aka Squeemu!
Tuesday, May 15, 2001 9:27 PM
None are true clones. All are slightly modified and are different from each other. Also, some are even taller. They give surprisingly different rides. (Of course, Texas has Morgan Trains, SFGAm and SFOG have PTCs, and SFMM has B&M trains. Those also contribute to the different rides they give.

- Peabody
Tuesday, May 15, 2001 11:43 PM
When the Georgia Cyclone opened in 1990 it was amazing, a real thriller! When I went back a few years later, the first drop and 'post turn' drop (the one under the first curve) had been reprofiled. Those drops really lost their kick! I think other parts of the ride were reprofiled as well. Also, the brakes were on hard and the ride got rough (bad rough -> bumpy track).

The best cy-Clone, as running (IMHO) is the Viper here at SFGAm. It's fast and smooth, has nice air time and laterals, and not one brake during the ride. The one thing I don't like about Viper (common with Psyclone at MM) is that they "drop" into the brake run. Whatta waste of energy!

The Texas Cyclone, last time I rode it, was OK, but no punch with those Morgan trains. The first time I rode it I thought I broke my hip at the bottom of the first drop - seriously! The Psyclone at MM was kinda junkie. I hope they do something good with that one!

Of course, the original at Coney is the best.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001 4:31 AM
Psyclone has very heavy braking on the turns to reduce on maintenance. It's probably the worst coaster at MM.
Wednesday, May 16, 2001 11:13 AM
There are brakes on the turns? When did they put those on? When I rode it I thought it was so slow, if they added brakes it wouldn't make it around.

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