Protesters block a single road near Walt Disney World, are convinced they win

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Putting the "duh" in Flori-duh:

A new kind of convoy just dropped, this one calling itself the “Patriot Convoy.” It managed to block traffic to the entrance of one of Disney World’s exterior shopping areas in Florida for a few hours over the weekend in support for a bill that has already been signed into law. In classic Convoy fashion, the people peacocking on social media and claiming victory thought they’d shut down the whole park by blocking the back entrance to a shopping area called Disney Springs, which is mainly used by locals.

Read more from Jalopnik.

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There’s a back entrance? I need to know this.

Rip Ride Rockit > Patriot Convoy

eightdotthree said:


All I can think of when I read that is "I CAN HAZ BLOKAID."

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I was thinking “DOIN A HECKIN BLOCKADE.“

So many right wing christianists, so few lions

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