Proposed Stratasphere Coaster?

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I remember years ago a HUGE roller coaster was proposed for the Stratasphere Tower in Las Vegas. It was supposed to be 750' tall!

What happened to the proposal?

Ah, I think the locals shot it down or something.

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It failed to receive zoning approval. The coaster was supposed to cross Las Vegas Blvd. and have a giant arch sign over it as well. Essentially concerns from the locals over noise, etc. led to the city council to reject the project.

Now what really would have been neat is if the elevator plan had gone through and a King King replica would have scaled the side of the tower...

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^My second home! :) I would move in if they would let me. ;)


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That place is a dump. That end of the strip really needs something to liven it up.

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Exactly, in fact all of Vegas need some "Cleaning Up" especially with the cards that they hand out to people as you walk down the strip.

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You'll always get that though. It's only really bad in the busy season. I go in the off season every year and the flyer guys are barely noticable.

Watch out for flying maps!

I agree, that end of the strip needs some work. From the Stratosphere to the Fashion Show Mall, it's kinda blah. I think instead of a huge new ride, the Stratosphere should do a complete overhaul and remodel so it's "up there" with the other casinos on the strip, even if it's kinda far from the bigger ones.

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Does the technology even exist to make it possible to build a 750' coaster, especially when it comes to trains? It just seems to me that the current specs would obviously not be viable for such an endeavor. It seems like it would be rather costly--not only to build, but to maintain and ensuring safety. I've not heard many good things about coasters in Vegas, so I'd be rather concerned.

But I don't really know about what they were intending to build.

at the time i wondered how far they had gotten in terms of actually sketching the thing out - did anyone ever get to see actual plans for the thing?

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Here is a link with a sketch.


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^That looks like it would be awesome!

Though I'd be concerned about that designer...... (scary things have come from Arrow and they are NOT aging well)

But I guess we won't have to worry about them anymore ;).... *** Edited 7/16/2007 6:45:55 AM UTC by DantheCoasterman***

^^ thanks for sharing! I hadn't seen that one.
I wonder - at 120 mph it wouldn't exactly be freefalling I think - the ride must really loose a lot of momentum with the second tower only being a little over 1/2 the size of the first, but maybe that's just what happens at this size.

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There's nothing wrong with the strip from the Wynn and all points south. Well, not a fan of Tropicana or Imperial Palace, or the little strip mall with the McDonald's, but it's generally in pretty good shape.

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Didn't they make a model?


Nothing to see here. Move along.

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^Yeah, I even SAW the model in the lobby at the Strat....unfortunately, didn't have my camera with me at the time, and it was gone by the time I got it's hiding out somewhere in the basement growing dusty (not moldy though, it's in the desert).
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^How did I miss that? Or was I too busy at the top leaning against the glass? ;)

I remember seeing that scetch years ago. It "looks" very cool. :)

That side of the strip isn't the best in the world but I LOVED being that high up. :)


How would it get back up to the top?!
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^^Tina, that was a couple years earlier. Probably about Oct. '02. You missed it by failing to time-travel. ;)

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