Proof that X-Flight and Batwing should have got Fl

Saturday, April 21, 2001 12:48 PM
I have finally found proof that X-Flight and Batwing was indeed meant to have Flying Corks instead of Inline Twists, People keep saying they were both meant to have inline's from the start, but that was not true, here is proof

Also planned for opening in 2001 is a new version of Vekoma’s flying coaster, the Flying Dutchman. In order to enhance the already thrilling ride experience, the corkscrew element has been reconfigured so guests will fly through on their fronts instead of on their backs. In addition, a horizontal loop has been added to enhance the speed and flying sensation, providing a high point at the end of the ride. And to increase capacity, Vekoma will introduce a double station and an electric tilt mechanism on the train. The integrated tilt mechanism will not only minimize load and unload times, but it will also provide guests with a clear vista of the park as they climb the lift hill. The double station will also provide improved access for disabled guests.

"Taken From"

This is from Vekoma's offical page, so I think that good enough proof for you all. Personally I wonder why Vekoma didnt make this change in the end, Maybe its because they couldnt get it right in the end and it would have created too much G Force on the Body???? so maybe this is why they deicded to go with Inline's instead. Easier to make and a lot safer
Prehaps if Vekoma make another one of these coasters next year, hopefully the flying corks will appear then, Lets Hope so. Also you can go to Vekoma's offical site for yourself to see I am not lying about this.
Saturday, April 21, 2001 1:04 PM
Hey, man. I think Vekoma is refering to the corkscrew like element that is on stealth. They just reconfigured it so it's taken in the flying position this time, as opposed to Stealth where it is on your back.

Here are the "corkscrews" on stealth:

I don't think that text is proof of X-flight and Batwing were meant to have corkscrews

- Peabody

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