Project 2007 Announcement date Announced

I will keep it short and simple. September 7th. Check and look at the banner at the top.
WOW, announcements about announcements.


Honestly, Im finding it hard to get excited about a 11-12 inversion coaster called Maverick in a park that already has what? 30 inversions?

Give me Corkscrew, At least the restraints fit.


None of what you state has been stated or confirmed.
Not another announcement for announcements...

Great Lakes Brewery Patron...


Sorry then, i must of skipped over that post.

Cedar Point Junkie MF - 20 Magnum - 10 TTD - 3 Ridden Every Coaster in Ohio.
^yep, thought it looked familiar.

Great Lakes Brewery Patron...


Closed topic.

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