Program Alert...Great Old Amusement Parks

At 6 p.m. central time PBS will be showing Great Old Amusement Parks. Lots of older footage, even has some closed park footage. Channel 11 here in Chicagoland. Check your PBS stations.


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Fantastic program, I recommend it to everyone....those interested in the hostpry and nostalgia aspects will likely be *moved* like I was...

RIP Whalom - at least I'm getting Lakeside...

I don't see it listed AT ALL on either of the Cleveland (ch.25) nor Akron/Kent/Youngstown (ch.45/49/58) PBS stations all weekend long, nor listed as a show in the A-Z listings

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That may be one thing about PBS...I am not sure if they have the same programming across the country like the networks do.

I'm recording it on my TiVo and I know that at the end they always show a way to buy the program. I will post the address after the show if anyone is interrested. *** Edited 7/23/2006 10:11:55 PM UTC by Marky Mark***

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I'm not as interested in "hostpry" as I once was.
(Now after gator edits his post, people will read this one and it will sound really stupid.) :)
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^Hehe, I wouldn't do that...although from now on I *will* turn on the lights when I'm typing... ;)

Family stuff going on here in NC, so I missed it...was this the one strictly on US parks, or the one that featured Tivoli as well?

bill, in favor of rebuilding Oaks' Zip...they need something to complement those crazy INSANE bumper cars... :)

U.S. parks only were featured in this one...Oaks, Lake Winnie, Whalom, Lakeside...etc.

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This is one of my favorite amusement park programs. Though I wish they didn't spend quite so much time on the Belmont Giant Dipper contest thing, and they really should have skipped the Cedar Point portions (which gets plenty of exposure elsewhere) in favor of another lesser-known traditional park.

Parks featured include the following:

Lake Compounce
Cedar Point
Santa Cruz
Rye Playland
Lake Winnie
Holiday World

Did I forget any?

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There will be a replay of this program on July 29th at 3:30 a.m...At least that what TiVo is saying right now.

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