Private midwest waterpark and its owner.

Very nice article about a guy who privately owns a waterpark with his wife that he built from the ground up. Also has a Q&A.

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The park's website.
I make the drive up to Raging Rivers every once in a while. It's nice for a small water park, but desperately needs a new attraction. They built a pair of toilet bowl slides probably 10 or more years ago, and I think that was the last addition. It's a good place for the Illinois kids to go hang out in the summer, but they'll need an upgrade to stay alive, for sure.

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This is a nice little waterpark. Has a great veiw of the mississippi river. Does need to add a new attraction, but it does good for its size.
I'm always surprised they manage to make enough profit year after year to keep going. I haven't been there in about 10 years, which happens to be the last time they added something new. The park seems kinda outdated since SFSTL Hurricane Harbor was built, and I'm sure it has affected their attendence somewhat, but it obviously didnt wipe them off the map.

I'm not sure how much more space they have to expand. That might be one of the issues.

I don't always think it's about adding new attractions to get more people into your park. People just want to go to a waterpark. This is a cheaper solution to SFHH. I would say that this park might be in the middle of SFHH, and the other side would be your typical swimming pool.

There are parks that don't have to add anything for years and still survive. I think Six Flags, and Cedar Point (specifically) have spoiled the enthusiasts expecting something new each year. When they get something that's not for them, they whine about it (like a kiddie area). In my opinion, it's pointless to give parks new attractions every year unless a small park really needs it.

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^Yes, but when a park(or waterpark) does absolutely NOTHING to enhance the guest experience for over a decade, while at the same time increasing admission costs, then I think everybody has something to "whine" about.

If they are going to charge more and more, then the guests deserve SOMETHING new once every decade, even if it is a kiddie area. At some point, they are going to have to do something if the admission ever nears $30. *** Edited 5/6/2008 8:25:02 PM UTC by RushStreetFlyer***

I remember going to a small water park (Windsor Water Works) near my house as a kid just because it was close and was more fun than a pool. Back in 1996 the admission there was $18/adult, $12/kids and we thought it was expensive, but cheaper than anywhere else. They only had 3 slides for 20 years of operation, but it was always packed during the summer. Sadly it closed in 2004:

It's fun to have family water parks out there, especially places that are a little less "commercial" than Six Flags or Cedar Fair parks. I do find it a little strange they have "Christan Owned and Operated" on their sign, I don't think that would fly out here.

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