Primevil Whirl pics?

I've heard this is 2 separate coasters side by side... but the pics on only show one coaster. Anyone have pics of both coasters? Thanks :) Just a late night coaster geek...
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They're mirror images of the same model.
Are they right next to eachother or what? In the pics I've seen, it looks like there's only one ride.
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Yes...right next to each other. Lifts are on the outside edges.
Very big help Moosh ;)

Got any pics? Of the ride that is? Where you can see both rides :)

It's hard to photograph both sides of the ride since it's so wide.

You can see from the park map that there are two identical coasters on each side of the loading station in the center.

If you are still looking for a pic around Christmas, I'll take some for ya. :)

Hey thanks, I think I get it now :) Someone had told me that they go up the lift side by side, then split off in opp. directions. Guess they were wrong, huh!
Yes, they were. :) You can even see that by watching the video of the ride on Disney's website.
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Take this, flip it, and put it on the left.

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Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom is the same way I believe. One coaster doesn't have the capacity that Disney needs so they build two.
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Why does it look so cheap?!

What were Disney thinking?!


Nothing to see here. Move along.

I've never liked the theming on that ride either. While it can be argued it goes with the "tacky roadside carnival" theme of Chester and Hesters, I still think they could have done a much better job.
^Here's an easier link:
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Rick_UK said:Why does it look so cheap?!

What were Disney thinking?!

Maybe they were thinking "there, now Mulholland Madness isn't the only Disney coaster with little/no theming"?!?? Walt would never have allowed those rides to be put in like entirely *regional themer* of them...

Maybe some Chester and Hester characters walking around....or even a costumed David Lynch for the DCA ride? Oh, sorry, wrong thread! ;)

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It doesn't really show both coasters, but here's some night shots I got during ACE's 2006 Coaster Con ERT.
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I think they were going for the cheesey look. Have you ever looked at the ground around the place. With all the "carney" games and stands around. If you notice.. they made the ground look like an old parking lot. They were going for the carney feel.

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How does a Carnival themed area go along with a dinosaur themed ride?

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It's not just a carnival. It's supposed to be one of those wacky roadside attractions that talk about dinosaurs and meteors and stuff like that - aka Dino-rama. Ya know, something you'd find in the Arizona desert or something. Chester and Hester are the two people that have set up the "attraction" and it all began with their off-the-wall flea market type store in the original Dinoland.
Yeah, the backstory for Chester & Hester is possibly one of the funniest in-jokes they've ever done.

It's unfortunate that almost no one gets it. There are some Disneyphiles who so lack an appreciation of the irony that they actually think the place was put on top of an old parking lot.

Instead, all you hear is "For Shame! That's exactly why Walt built Disneyland, to get away from such awful things!"

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