Pre-trip, 6/28-6/30/19

So, from 6/28-7/21, my friend and I will be travelling to about 30 parks. The 19 day portion will start in Detroit on 7/3 and will take us as far east as Agawam, as far south as Orlando, up through Alabama and Indiana to Six Flag Great America and back home.

But, since we had this past weekend free and since the Carnivale festival would have been over at KI before we would have gotten there during the 19 day portion of the trip, we decided to hit KI on Friday night, Kentucky Kingdom on Saturday from 10-2 and Holiday World from 3-10 and back to KI from open until 4pm.

On Friday, we got to KI at 7pm and met friends there. I only got 4 rides in which was totally ok. Unfortunately, I rode the Beast again for the 2nd to last train of the night. I ONLY did this because, during the 24 day period of this trip, I am hoping to ride over 200 different coasters. Anyways, I have been riding The Voyage since 2013 and went to Holiwood Nights for the first time this year. I, for the life of me, can't figure out how anyone considers the Beast to have the best night rides, especially if they have ever ridden The Voyage at night. Overall, KI was fun and the food was pretty good. The rotisserie chicken at CP is better, but, at least this time, I could eat it. A month ago, I couldn't make the same meal edible even by smothering it with BBQ sauce.

On Saturday, we got to KK at 9:30. When we walked to Lightning Run, no one had even stopped to ride since most were there to claim a spot in the water park. I ended up sitting on it for 3 rides in a row. This coaster is fantastic and should be in more parks like KK. after that, I sat on Kentucky Flyer for about 4 re-rides. Gravity Group makes fantastic coasters, no matter the size. I rode the water coaster which is very fun. Then we hit T3. For some reason, while it still sucks, it wasn't horrible. Rode Thunder Run next. With the track work they did over the past 2 winters, it's a pretty decent coaster. Rode Storm Chaser a few times without leaving my seat. LOVE this RMC. Left the park around 2.

Next was HW. This park is just so special. We started by hitting the water park which is one of the best out there. After a couple of hours, it was time to take advantage of their EXCELLENT coaster collection. Rode The Voyage for the first time since taking advantage of the trimless night rides on it during Holiwood Nights a few weeks ago. This thing was running spectacularly, even during the day with the trims on. When I rode it during HN, I had proclaimed it my all time favorite coaster, again, but while trims were off. For whatever reason, even with trims lightly grabbing and with the 5pm sun, I decided it is my number 1 coaster, no matter when I am fortunate enough to ride it. After that, I rode The Legend. My favorite CCI and a top 5 or 6 coaster for me. GCI made this extreme coaster enjoyable a few years ago and I am happy to report it is still awesome. Rode Thunderbird which is great. I only have it behind Gatekeeper by the tiniest of margins. GK's size and first drop give it the edge over T-bird. The only fault I have with Raven is that, if built today, would probably be 1,000 feet longer. So, anyways, ran into members of Thrill Maxx at the Raven just as it was getting dark. 9pm there is as dark as it is in Detroit at 10pm. So, we knew we were going to get some dark rides in between 9 and 10. The Raven is extremely disorienting in the dark because of the woods. Such a great ride. Of course, Legend was even better at night...But, NOTHING tops night rides on The Voyage. That ride is absolutely amazing at night...even with the trims. I think I ended up with 4 night rides on it...FANTASTIC! If you've never been, do whatever it takes to get there. Even my buddy who had been there only once which was last year, had thought Voyage was fun, but nowhere near number 1...after this weekend, it moved up to number 1 easily for him. My poor lap hated me again. That ejector air that you get until you hit the brake run is insane.

On the third day, Sunday, we got to KI at around 1 and stayed until 8. Probably the best day I've ever had there. Went on a few waterslides and ate from the smokehouse in Soak City. The smoked wings, while coated with BBQ sauce, were delicious. After that, we headed to the dry park. By 8pm, we had gotten the 10 credits we hadn't gotten on Friday night plus got several rides on Banshee, Diamondback and Mystic Timbers. DB and FoF were the only coasters with waits that were more than 10 minutes. Was just a great day.

Well, we are just hoping that we have as good of luck during the other 19 days of our trip. This was a fantastic start, though.

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