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Tuesday, June 4, 2002 7:51 AM
Friday before SRM, I visited SFKK for the first time. Unlike PKI the day before, SFKK was empty, but from what I hear it always is. I got my season pass at Kroger for $44.99 and then hit the park. The first ride of the day was Roadrunner Express, since I figured if any ride could get a line, it would be that. This was your average wild mouse, and the brakes were off on the top level, but some powerful trims were on the other levels.

(#71) Roadrunner's Express - 6/10

After finding the way to the bridge over the road, I rode the coaster I was most anticipating at SFKK, and that was Thunder Run. While the second half of this coaster is okay, the first half is spectacular and as good as almost any coaster out there. The airtime over the first 3 hills after the turnaround is amazing.

(#72) Thunder Run - 8/10

I rode Thunder Run once more then headed to Twisted Twins. This was a big surprise for me, as I hadn't heard good things about these 2 CCIs. In the back seat, airtime over the first drop is great and both sides are very fun rides. Thunder Run is still the better woodie, but these 2 exceeded my expectations.

(#73) Twisted Twins Lola - 8/10
(#74) Twisted Twins Stella - 8/10

After 2 laps on Lola and 1 on Stella, it was on to Chang. I loved Mantis, but Chang was a disappointment. It had some good moments, but it also had a lot of painful moments. I only rode this one once simply because the woodies were more fun.

(#75) Chang - 7/10

Next came T2, my first Vekoma SLC. I rode this in the back seat and expected it to give me a lifelong migraine headache. While it was definitely no great ride, I liked it just as much as Chang and really did not find it to be very painful.

(#76) T2 - 7/10

I caught a ride on Stella and Lola then got in the final SFKK credit, Roller Skater.

(#77) Roller Skater - N/A (kiddie)

I had lunch at Swampwater Jacks, which surprisingly had a lot of food for a price that was high, but not as bad as PKI the day before. I rode Thunder Run 3 more times, Lola 3 more times, Stella 2 more times, and also got a ride on Hellevator and the Thrill Park Theater. While SFKK wasn't the greatest park, the lack of lines and the fun woodies made it a good visit.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2002 10:28 AM
Good to see you had fun at SFKK. They really have a good wood collection. Sorry to hear that you caught Chang on a bad day.


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