Pre-Convention Mouse Nov 11/14 2010

Arrived pre-IAAPA, first time staying at Port Orleans Riverside. This is my 4th Disneyworld vacation since IAAPA 2008, had a 4 day then, Feb 09 had a 8 day/7night deluxe dining plan, which was dining of epic adventures, both at Port Orleans French Quarter, and a 4 day last December at Caribbean Beach. I may be reaching my limit of mice for a while.

Thursday was EPCOT day. Did the usual single line for Test Track, then to sample the cuisine at the wine and food festival. The American Adventure was a walk on, then to a great steak lunch in Canada. Back to Soarin' with our fastpass, and another ride on Test Track, the the Land boatride, and the Sphere. Another boat ride across the lagoon to see Impressions of France, and dinner back at the hotel. Day experience 9/10.

Friday at Disney Studios, and lunch at the Muppets adjacent foodcourt, and off to my favorite, Tower of Terror. Less than a 10 minute wait on back to back rides, and then to Rock and Roller, re-opening after a breakdown, 10 minute wait. Backlot Tour, walk on, as was Muppets 3-D. Had a great dinner at 50's Prime Cafe with fried chicken. Delicious. Spent the evening seeing several of the Osbourne Light songs and such. Overall day 9/10.

Saturday to Magic Kingdom. Early arrival, as magic hours will keep the park open until 2am. Space Mountain was a 15 min wait, regular line. The to Buzz Light Year, People Mover, and Autopia. Again, treat them cars like Cedar Point, bam bam bam. Thunder Mountain was a 15 min wait, but had the fast pass for Splash Mountain, my favorite, which a huge line, due to the heat.

After a great lunch at Tony's on Main Street, back to the pool and waterslide for a break. Now back in MK, and to Snow White, Petar Pan, and Its A Small World. While SW and IASW had 10 min waits, Petar Pan was about 40 minutes, which I continually questioned why I was in line for a poor ride anyway.

Another ride on Thunder and Spalsh Mountain, Bear Country, and 2 pins on the Hanted Mansion, and the last sail of the day on the Mark Twain. Intermixxed with all this was a pretty good dinner at Cosmic Ray's. And finally, for the first time, we saw the Electric Parade. Incredible. Overall day, 9.5/10.

Sunday, off the Animal Kingdom. After a 10 min wait for EE, early lunch at Yak and Yeti. Great meal. Then off to the Safari, which was a 15 min wait. AK opened early that day, so the park was clearing out, which meant small lines. Then to Bug's Life, 5 min wait. Another ride on EE, fast pass, and then a walk on to the Rapids Ride. After a 10 min wait for Dinosaur, left for pool and dinner at Riverside. Overall day, 9/10.

Overall Disney vacation visit, 9.25/10. Great weather, food, low lines, and the pools at Riverside were warm, and open 24 hours.

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Why is the line for Peter Pan always so long? It's continuously moving. When we were there in August, the entire park was literally a walk on, but Peter Pan was 45 min.


I honestly don't get it either. Winnie the Pooh is the same, always a 20-30 min wait, but I get a fast pass, as Tricia loves that ride. Pooh is a great ride, but Peter Pan is about as bad as it can get.

I think for a continous ride, the capacity isn't as strong as we think, but.....they should reduce the fast passes, and see if that helps. I also noticed that there is a lack of 'youthful' crew, and since that ride is a 1971 install, they would have experienced slower crew. No one really setting the world on fire. Not like a re-energized Space Mountain staff.

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Peter Pan is my favorite of the Fantasyland dark rides. It's low capacity with only 2-people per "car" and half of them seem to get filled with Fastpassers, so it's always a significant wait compared to the other rides. I don't see how the crew can move any faster as the cars continuously go out governed by the speed of the conveyor belt, right?

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I don't know, but for some reason, there seems to be loads of people in line. Its like the Disney fan community has the word out that if you don't ride it, it will go the way of Mr. Toad, which isn't the case. Standing in the Q with Peter Pan enthusiasts is, well disturbing.

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There are Peter Pan enthusiasts? Wow.

I'd love to see them do a spectacular updated version of this ride. The whole flying dark ride concept is underutilized. The flying aspect is the only reason why I enjoy this ride enough to wait for it; otherwise it's pretty cheezy like the rest of the Fantasyland rides.

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Acoustic Viscosity said:
There are Peter Pan enthusiasts? Wow.

That surprises you? My next door neighbor can hold a geeky discussion (similar to what you might hear about coasters while in line at an ACE convention...or on CoasterBuzz) for hours about grass. His suggested to me once that he and I should drive an hour up the road to the zoysia farm some weekend to buy me some zoysia plugs for my lawn, and that it would be 'a fun time.'

For the record, I haven't and won't be doing that in my lifetime.

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Wow. But seriously, send him my way, I need a new yard.

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