Thursday, April 4, 2002 8:31 AM

Does anyone have any info about this park? I think it is in Vienna, Austria. I might be going there over the summer so i'd like to know about it. :})

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Thursday, April 4, 2002 8:52 AM
Oh yeah, Has anyone been there?

Treat others as you would want them to treat you.

Thursday, April 4, 2002 9:39 AM
Never been there But I checked and found that they have a standard boomerang, a couple of Wild Mice (one spinning, one not), an ACE Classic Woodie, and a couple of other steel coasters that didn't look like they stood out.

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Thursday, April 4, 2002 3:43 PM

The Prater, like many European Parks, is built around a full park experience- not just coasters. They have newer rides like (I believe) the first Zamperla park Discovery, a Moser Hoppla, the antique ferris wheel, Tagada, SDC Telecombat, etc. I believe most of the rides are booked in as indepedent operations so they have a very nice collection of flats in addition to a quirky atmosphere.


Thursday, April 4, 2002 4:44 PM

Many people regard the Vienna Prater as just another fun-fair. But it´s much more than that: it´s a Viennese institution, like the coffee houses or the Heuriger (wine taverns). Its landmark, and one of Vienna´s too, is the 65 metre high Giant Ferris Wheel. It towers over the 200 booths in the Prater, the ghost train, go-karts and grotto railways, the merry-go-rounds and fruit-machine halls, throwing and shooting galleries.

The Prater has something to offer for the whole family: take a ride with the children on the fairy-tale railway, the children´s dodgems and the scenic railway. Plummet down the extra-long slides, laugh yourselves crooked, bent, fat or thin in the hall of mirrors, savour the romantic nostalgia of an old merry-go-round or the great variety on offer from the Prater caterers: from pickled gherkins to boiled beef.

The wonders of the heavens await you in the Planetarium. And in the Prater Museum you can re-live the greatest moments of this fun-fair. Incidentally: each booth in the Vienna Prater is an independent enterprise - which is why you don´t have to pay an admission charge to enter the Prater, and also why the various attractions in the Prater don´t have uniform opening times.

Opening times for most of the attractions in the Prater are from the beginning of March to the end of October - from morning to midnight. Some attractions (ghost trains and grotto railways, dodgems, cafes and restaurants) are open throughout the year. The Giant Ferris Wheel is open from February to November and around New Year´s Eve.

Haunted Castle

When the Haunted Castle ("Geisterschloß") opened in 1949, it was called Haunted Mill ("Geistermühle"). Later it was remodelled and equipped with more and new scary figures. The huge talking and moving gorilla next to the cashdesk, maybe the mascot of the Haunted Castle, was put up in 1985. In 1992, the roof of the Haunted Castle was renovated. The figures and monsters are constantly being renewed. On the trip through the Castle you pass lots of different ghosts, monsters and other scary figures. Among the different monsters waiting for courageous visitors behind every corner, you will also encounter a skeleton drinking red wine. Even the decoration of the departure hall is extravagant and and makes you feel like taking a trip through the dark scary castle!
School classes are welcome.
Variable opening hours are possible; please make appointments.

Extasy -1st indoors roundabout
Extasy - Extasy is a completely new roundabout feeling!

Elite Dodgem-Right after the war, the Kern family started to build up their destroyed business. Among many other things the "Elite" dodgem was built in 1946; in 1996, we celebrate its 50th birthday. The incomparable trademark of the dodgem is the "Adabei", a figure with a red-lit nose right in the middle of the circuit. This figure symbolizes the typical friendly Viennese, always grouching a little, but still wearing a friendly smile. A ticket for two adults costs only ATS 20.-, there are reductions for groups and bulk discounts.

Merry-Go-Rounds for Children-Of course we also think of our youngest guests. The Kern family also operates 4 merry-go-rounds for children, 2 nostalgic ones, 1 cup and a modern one. These merry-go-rounds can also be rented on a daily basis. If you throw a party for your children, at home in the garden or in the street, dont´t hesitate to rent one of our merry-go-rounds. Please consult us: Tel.:0222/728 15 94 0 Now we hope that you have become interested in the Wiener Prater and that you will visit us soon. We would be delighted if you came to try one of our merry-go-rounds.
Superman-The Superman is an ultramodern high-tech experience. At a hight of almost 20 m you will do fourfold loopings, spin around and come down headfirst. A great and unique feeling, which anyone with enough courage can try safely..

Tornado-The Kern family operates yet another high-tech roundabout: the "Tornado" is also located on the main road of the Prater ("Strasse des 1. Mai") . With this roundabout, you can experience flying. At a hight of over 24 m your car spins around, does loopings and goes down headfirst. WienspielThe Kern family does, however, not only offer the wildest rides in the Prater:

there are also amusements for the whole family, like the popular "Wienspiel" (game of Vienna), located on the Prater mainroad. You might wonder what the Wienspiel is: it´s the raffle of the Wiener Prater. You just buy a ticket for ATS 4.- and you get a prize. With a little luck you can win a huge teddybear or dog for just 4 Schillings! In case you don´t win right away with your first ticket, you also have the possibility to collect tickets with different fruit symbols in order to get one of the beautiful prizes. But in any case, every ticket wins.

Roller Coaster-One of the oldest and most traditional Prater establishments, where young and old can have fun. Come with us to the high mountains and through the great waterfall - be careful not to get wet! Then down at high speed around the steep bends.
Have fun!

For the tempted there is the 185 foot tall Turbo Force

Turbo Force@night

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Thursday, April 4, 2002 4:57 PM
I was supposed to be heading to Switzerland this summer (hell, I wanted to see B&M and Intamin's Office Buildings and have my picture taken in front of the ocmpany sign!) but after 9-11, and how the Government says American's shoudl be careful overseas, we decided to postpone for a while.

"Enjoy your record-breaking ride on Millennium Force"

Thursday, April 4, 2002 6:36 PM
You should be fine in Switzerland, they wouldn't get involved in any sort of war ever. My guess is that its probably the safest country in the world.

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Thursday, April 4, 2002 11:09 PM

Being from Vienna and visiting the Prater every few weeks i have to say the things already posted are right. The Park isn't a pay-once-ride-all-park but you have to pay for every ride.
It is a family park with rides for every age. The wildest rides are Discovery, Hoppala, Breakdance, Outbreak, Sky-Diver, Sombrero, Turbo Force, Bungee Tower and some others. Last year there also was a Huss Frisbee but it is gone now.
It is pronounced that there should be another ride added this year shooting riders up 40 meters at 100 km/h. Don't know what it will be.
There are also ferris-wheels, go-karts, bumper-cars, haunted houses, a flume-ride, casinos (slot machines), gambling halls and alot of funfair-games and childrens rides.

The Coasters are not really spectacular. One Boomerang, two wild mice - one spinning, two non-looping- transportable coaster, and one wooden but this one is a family coaster and very old (40 years i think).
When you visit i'm sure you'll have fun. And if you do so don't miss visiting the "Schweizerhaus" - a true institution with the best beer and food you'll find in a unique atmosphere.

links: (official site), (fan page)

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