PR: Coney Island Memorial Day weekend 2010

Ever since Joe Sitt / Thor came onto the scene, I have had a great sense of uneasiness. I was really nervous after last summer’s disastrous season (Dreamland, Sitt’s wretched flea markets, some of the worst summer weather in years (rain rain rain!)).

For the last 100+ days, I have watched the insane effort of Zamperla building a new amusement park on the hallowed ground that once held Feltman’s and then later Astroland. I was sensing that we might finally be at the beginning of some really great things. It was amazing to watch it come together. The team that was assembled both on the construction end and management end was truly top notch (I really hope that they all can get some sleep soon!). While the new Luna Park may be small (3 acres) – the amount of work and thought put into it is huge.

- For my complete gallery of the Memorial Day weekend at Coney – go here:

- If you want to see my gallery leading up to memorial day weekend and with a focus on the building of Luna park:

I’m going to hold off on a full analysis/review of Luna Park until they get a little more done. They were completely overwhelmed this weekend by the masses and I am sure that the management, mechanics, and employees have to be completely fried. They still have a long road ahead of them.

BUT A few quick general thoughts / observations –

First off, the crowds this weekend were simply nuts. I cannot remember a holiday weekend where the volume was at this level in a very long time. I commend everyone (business owners, police, transit) for keeping it together as best they could.

Secondly, Luna Park is open for business, but it is not done – they still have 4 rides to get operational (flume, the mega-disko, air race, and kiddie coaster). Permanent queues need to be built. Luna card kiosks need to be installed (and explained). It is my understanding that a lot more cosmetic work to the grounds can be expected in the coming month. They have a lot of fine tuning to do their operations.

Third – garbage garbage garbage – the volume is excessive – I don’t know if there was any way to keep up with collecting it. People litter insanely at Coney with very little respect, but it’s also next to impossible to find a garbage can many times that isn’t completely overflowing.

Fourth – we need bathhouses/changing rooms back. This is crazy – the number of people that are going to the beach but with no place to shower/change/rent a locker. I realize that the demand is seasonal, but it’s desperately needed.

Hope you enjoy! and look forward to seeing you all at Coney this year!

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OMG crowds that size would freak me out.

Thanks for sharing. We are considering stopping here in July as part of our big coaster trip.

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I would think that the other vendors/parks are already seeing a benefit from Luna opening. With crowds that big, there has to be a certain amount of people deciding to do something different. And with Deno's right there, that's what I would do.

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Those beach shots are ridiculous. I can't believe all those people.


Holy crap. I guess alot of people in the New York area have had some serious winter cabin fever.

If I was a local and saw that crowd, I would do a 180 degree turn and come back another day.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

As a local...I can tell you sometimes you just have to embrace the crowd rather than run away. Besides - it's part of the quintessential Coney Island experience.

While Luna definitely struggled with the crowds - everyone else managed very well. As most Coney attractions are pay as you go - throughput is hugely important and yet you still will get your moneys worth.

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Seeing pics of the people on the beach reminded me of old photos of Coney with packed beaches. I've never seen that in real life. I doubt I'll get back to NYC during the summer this year, but I will get up there next year and spend an entire day at Coney, and not just an hour or so. Loved the place, but I'm going to give Luna Park time to break in, and wait till the new park is opened (and hopefully the Sky Tower, that'd be grand!!)

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