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Well I've spent a couple days recouping and am now ready to write another epic journey TR.

Rob (Brother) Picked up Pat and then myself and we were on the road to Katies about 11:30 on friday, I had wanted to get a little earlier start but it all worked out and we arrived in Pittsburgh about 5:30 at Katies and unloaded some things we'd need for the night.

About 6:30 we went to Giant Eagle and got the 16 dollar Phantom Fright Tickets (Thanks again Katie for that tip) and Rob, Pat, Katie and I arrived at Kennywood just in time to catch Phantoms Revenge opening. A couple train wait for the backseat (Running one train early) and we were off for a little slower but great ride none-the-less on PR.

After PR I suggested a trip through Noahs Ark and Pat proclaimed the trip worth it just after this. Durring the Ark Trip they had scarachtures inside and I was fine with it. Classic all time moments were when the Elevator Op opened the door and said "Right this way" Well I let these girls go first and this monster with foot wide hands comes running in. THE GIRLS WERE TERRIFIED! Smile Going through the Ark, Pat's giggling like a kid and I turned to ask if he was alright, He says YEAH and I turn around and bam, A guy jumped in my face and I hit the cealing! Smile Ok, they got this non being scared guy Smile

We then took a Thunderbolt ride (One train) and I was getting mooshed reall good by Katie! Smile I love the Bolt and considered it a bit overrated till last year but Man, It's just a fun quirky ride.

Next stop after they opened Lost Kennywood was Exterminator for two rides in 30 minutes. Pat had never ridden a spinny mouse and he loved it. Me and Pat took the second ride together and spun like crazy for most of the ride. While my first ride wasn't so spinny, Pats was so he got two great rides on it.

Walking throught Lost kennywood they had fog all over and scarachtures all over as well. The best costume by as scarachture by far was the plain looking motorcycle cop that turned around and was a ghoul. Katie picked up some young teenies using her as protection (I was like, YOu've been adopted Smile

A stop at the Baby Patch for a chicken and fry basket is a don't miss at Kennywood, I think they were calling the PP fries Bat planks or something LOL. GOOD! and we got great views of Swing Shot as well durring eating.

Across the park to Jack Rabbit and WOW, JUST WOW! I don't know what it was but the coaster I had always consider fun but overrated for it's one trick just LAUNCHED ME and I was in 2-3 and not the backseat, Everyone else on the train got it as well. One trick but it's a heck of a trick!

Racer was next and like last year, The race wasn't even close Sad

One more ride on the Phantom and it was much faster and forcefull this time and fun in the dark.

It was getting on 11:30 so we decided to get back to Katies and get some rest for a early start for PPP.

Kennywoods Phantom Fright night was great, The only thing I'd change about it is to have some of it's classics they didn't have open like the auto race and whip and gold rusher.

PPP Day we awoke about 6am anticipating a four hour drive. Katie gave us excellent directions to Danville and other than a little headache with lights and construction early on, It was far faster than going down to the turnpike and back up 99. Rt 22 from Pittsburgh and up 220 to 80 is your best bet Smile

We arrived at Knoebels about 11:30 but getting into the parking lot was a fiasco in itself. Luckily we did get parked and registered and up to Pheonix by 12:30.

We met almost everyone within the first half hour and heres WHAT MADE THE WHOLE WEEKEND FOR ME.

We ate, went around the park ridding the Phylers, Tea Cups, Tilt, Fandango, Skooters, Skyride, Whipper, Haunted Mansion, Pioneer Train, HSTC and other rides TOGETHER all day. We always had between 7 and 15 together doing things together and at times had as many as 20 friends around at various times of the day. We did a lot of things and not just coasters

The line for the PIZZA was rediculous about 5pm and by the time we got our food PPP had already started at 6,

First stop was Twister, Some of us stopped after one ride deeming it too rough, I rode three times with the old single rider trick, Once with Gary and twice with Bob. I thought it was running a little shaky but I was in the front two cars for both rides. Id din't think it was bad but others in the group thought it was very rough. I've been to the park 3 times and five different days and the best rides I've had were rain rides. I think it's just a very tempermental coaster.

Flyers were nect, NEED I SAY MORE? April, Dave A. Katie, Bruce, Rob, Pat, Tina, Gary, Bill and everyone were snapping like crazy. I myself even had a great ride but Tinas Cable hang on the tub bolt was a classic moment. I also enjoyed Ted C. of Coasterfanatics rides as well as seeing some Zombies and Gorillas even Peter Criss ride them!

We then hit the Skooter again as a group and had a blast. I still got two cuts on the knees from rear ending someone in the fiberglass car Smile

We were going to take a Rock N tug ride together but it was closed. Rob and Bruce did the Downdraft and Rob did the Power Surge.

Well some of the group was going to the Phoenix and I decidded to make my final PPP hour a Phyer hour. I got to see many people in line and chat with them. Joke about PKI suckage because of loss of flyers and even got accused of being HW's #1 fanboy Smile I was having a ball

I got three rides in, In that last hour on the Phlyers but quite honestly I would have been HAPPIER FOR ONE GOOD LONG CYCLE instead of three shorter and shorter ones (At least they can't control ride time on coasters much)

MY ONLY GRIPES ON PPP (And take this as I HAD A BLAST but it could be so much better)

A phyer was not handed out at registration giving times and what not of things going on like the PPP Parade and judging contest.

ERT was way too short for the number of attendees, Perhaps make it a two day event of equal ERT both nights

Have more food and drink stands open, Expecially at the lower end of the park with food vouchers instead of cramming everyone at Cesaries.

We split PPP just at bonfire time and went back to the hotel. We then had a group of no less than ten people and watch both our hour long footages from the day. What a blast and I swore we were gonna get thrown out but never did :) Thanks for comming :)

Sunday, We got up early enough, Made our way to Idlewild. We had planned on at least having 3 hours at the park but another Parking fiasco and slammed park kinda cut that to just over a hour and a half.

Im not going to bash Idlewild here but whats the point? You don't have your BEST AND ONLY ONE OF IT"S KIND ATTRACTION and People Eater to boot open on what had to be one of the busiest days ever? Mr Rogers?

We went to Idlewild for two reasons, It was on the way back to Katies and because Pat hadn't been. We got Rollo Coaster and half a train ride in that hour and a half and had to leave. (Partially our fault on time) but to not have the mouse, tornado, Mr. Rogers and a couple other people eating rides open were TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT!

I realize the Hallaboo event was primaraly for kids and Im sure they had a blast but a park should never discount that people might be visiting for the first time or first time in years and always have thier mainstays open if possible.

Back to Katies and after Pizza (Thanks Katie) and we were off for the homestead of Cincy. We were dead tired by the time we got home at 1130 but news of a steelers loss kept us going Smile

Thanks for reading, and thanks for all the friends and CNA'ers (Too many to name) for making it a very memorable and worthwhile weekend. Thanks also to Rob N. for driving, I now think he has a better apreciation for what I went through on our two thousand mile trips Smile It was also a pretty confy ride Rob, Thanks!
Charles Nungester 10-12-06
Thanks all for a a great weekend! *** Edited 10/12/2006 9:28:29 PM UTC by Charles Nungester***

Trinado is having issues. Actually, for the past 2 seasons it has been down more than it's been running. (Didn't open until Labor Day weekend in 2005).
Not sure why the park doesn't have Wild Mouse or Mister Rogers open. Staffing may be an issue. Or maybe, purely guessing, the robots on the trolley ride can't function properly in colder weather?
The train, in my opinion, needs to be done the way it was last year. In 2005, there was no stop in Raccoon Laggon. It just made a full circle from Hootin Holler and back, no stops. I'm guessing guests complained about that and so this year they used the second station. Now the wait time is so long because guests don't have to get off and can continue riding repeatedly.
The first weekend was packed. The total attendence Saturday and Sunday is already 3/4 of the entire Hallowboo attendance in 2005.
You should've came and done the Parlor (Dizzy's Lizzys during the summer), though. It would've been worth your time. :-) *** Edited 10/12/2006 7:48:22 PM UTC by carrouseler***


A pic of Tinas Cable hook (Coasterqueen) for which she recieved the chant of Tina, Tina, Tina!

Chuck, they have a sort of pre-registration from the Knoebels website. They say it's just to let them get an approximate count. If you e-mail the park from there with your name and mailing address, they will send you a Phlyer (no, not a Scooter tub) with all of the information. I admit, it's not too prominent and it's easy to miss if you don't know it's there.

I agree with the idea of general food vouchers and having more stands open (most were open during the time the park was open to the public). The problem might be calculating how much of what food to buy, and ending up with a lot of unsold food. Then again, I don't know, I'm not in food service.

Nice TR, sounds like you had a great weekend.

Had a great time!

It's not the first time theres been a food fiasco. 2001s SRM had everyone waiting for them to make the pizza. The since told everyone not to show up at once and it's worked out.


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Great TR, Chuck! I had a blast hanging out with you guys on Saturday! We kicked butt on the Phlyers didn't we? :)

I still think they should name that tub after me. ;)

LOL, it was a blast :)


carrouseler said:
Not sure why the park doesn't have Wild Mouse or Mister Rogers open. Staffing may be an issue. Or maybe, purely guessing, the robots on the trolley ride can't function properly in colder weather?

Possibly. I'd also think there'd be an issue once the leaves start falling off of the trees. The foliage is what's keeping the beginning part of the ride separate from the end. When they're running two trolleys (which may be always - not entirely sure), you can see/hear the other one starting when you're near the end if you look/listen.

Sandi *** Edited 10/14/2006 1:50:53 AM UTC by Sandi***

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