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PPP attendees - just say hi if you've made Nirvana, er, Elysburg. Impulse was great, the hospitality and phriendship even better...

Phinally ran into RCMAC last night - found me *somehow*. Billy was here too (of course...doubt he misses another PPP).

Can't wait to get back and grab the brass ring at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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Yup. We'll be there as well. Grabbing rings, snapping Phlyers. Can't wait!

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Have fun! My trip was kinda cancelled due to more important reasons but I'll be there next year!

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I had a great time, but I didn't run into anyone. Perhaps everyone was avoiding me. LOL Not really. It was packed! Dick Knoebels said at the end of the night that they parked about 8,000 cars throughout the day.

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We had some non-enthusiast friends join us for a bit on Saturday. We'd never even been to a park together before, so it was neat to have them there for PPP. They enjoyed Impulse, enjoyed-but-didn't-need-more-of Twister, and were absolutely nuts about Phoenix. They also remarked on how nice it was just to walk around and take in the setting, especially with the crisp fall weather that night. Being able to pay per ride made things easier, particularly since they got there later than expected due to the parking situation.

The Friday night event was a nice perk. They said there would be "light snacks and refreshments," but they had burgers and hot dogs, veggies, cake, and hot cider. Perfect, as I'd not had dinner yet. Impulse was fun, but I didn't think much of it until I rode the front row. I'm not sure why the experience is so different, but the front is definitely where it's at. It's a nice addition to the park, but I'll have to get used to the different greeting when coming down the main road.

And then there was the Elysburg Haunted House. Holy cow! I had no idea it would be that extensive, or that immersive. And for only $10?? The volunteer crew of 60-80 did a fantastic job, and I thanked them for letting us be part of their 'dress rehearsal.'

Despite the craft fair crowds, and long lines for food, it didn't seem to me like PPP itself was any busier than usual. But as someone pointed out, there are now more rides open for the entire evening, so that spreads people around.

This was my first time staying in a cabin, and it was cool to wake up and practically step out into the park. I went for a walk by myself this morning in the beautiful fall air and took some panoramic photos before the park opened.

As always, for me it's as much about the people I'm with as it is riding some of our favorite rides. Even though I'll likely visit CP closing weekend, PPP always feels like the 'official' end of the coaster season to me... in a good way.

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ELYSBURG — Seven people were sickened after eating drug-laced brownies at a Knoebels Amusement Resort cottage Saturday night, police say.

Carbon monoxide poisoning was suspected at first, but investigators say they soon learned the sufferers had consumed the treat spiked with THC, the main intoxicant in marijuana.

Most of the patients were in their 50s and 60s, and at least two of them admitted they willingly indulged in the doctored brownies, police said.

How many tickets for the Brownie Express?

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


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Yeah, that happened near our cottage. There were 9 ambulances and assorted other emergency vehicles all around that road. At first we heard whispers of carbon monoxide poisoning, then later we saw the police rummaging through a trash can so we wondered if it might be a drug overdose.

More details here: http://www.newsitem.com/news/2015-10-12/Local/Laced_brownies_blamed...l_ERs.html

So... whoever's next on the waiting list for a cottage PPP weekend next year, you just might have a chance. ;)

I didn't know Timber-Rider traveled as far as Knoebels. ;)

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Had an absolutely amazing 1.5 days at PPP this year. It was one of my best ever trips, I believe, but they are all good. I kept an eye out for some fellow CB'ers, but I have no idea what any of you look like. (except maybe Travis, if his avatar is accurate.) Oh well. I finally did get to try the chicken, and I'll say, it was pretty darn good.

bunky666 said:

I didn't know Timber-Rider traveled as far as Knoebels. ;)

You kidding? He goes all the time. Parks mid-Twister.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


Oh, that's just awesome. A FB comment refers to 60 year olds getting high, and my reply to that is "how old do you think us 70's kids are by now, huh?"

Here is my lengthy PPP trip report. I could've put it there, but here seems just as good:

I'd like to say I had a totally awesome time at PPP, but I didn't.
Wanting to make a long weekend of it, I drove east on Thursday and along the way I started to feel crappy, with a deep, scratchy cough starting up. I blamed it on my barber, who said he was coming down with something when he cut my hair on Tuesday...

So I got through Friday fairly well. I went early, the parking lot was about half full by then, and I didn't mind the walk from row 12. After a quick walking tour of the park (Hello, old friend) and a visual inspection of Impulse, I hit the Covered Bridge Festival. As usual it was nice, this year there were over 350 vendors and 35 food locations so there was plenty to see. One of my very first stops required a purchase. There was a man who made little people/sculpture things out of railroad spikes, and it's hard to explain, but every hobby and/or profession you can think of was represented. (Any proctologists in the house? There's a sculpture for you too) But I had to stop when I noticed he had roller coasters. Some sculpts were smaller with one hill, two cars, and little railroad spike people in it. But he also had a larger, full circuit coaster that was cute and whimsical. He said he knew from experience that there was an enthusiast weekend and always brings plenty to sell. Anyway, next thing I knew I was walking around with a big bag with not only a roller coaster in it, but a picture frame made of reclaimed wood that I liked. Most of the stuff at the festival was country crafts and jewelry and much of it fall holiday related, but it was fun to see.

I got some lunch, a delicious half rotisserie chicken, and while I was eating it started to rain. Then it rained hard. I waited it out, the weather map showed a line of storms that should pass. I was afraid the Friday night event might be spoiled...
When it finally let up I took my bag back out to the truck and armed myself with a 20$ book of ride tickets.

The available ride list that day was minimal, mostly kiddies and family rides at that end of the park. I rode Whipper, the Sky ride, Kosmo's Kurves (new credit number one), Impulse (new credit number two), and the Skooters, voted "Best Bumper Cars in the World" many times over. (well, by Tim O'Brien at least, but I have to agree...) The guys that are responsible for the Skooters were great to talk to on a slow day, the older fellow (his name escapes me) has been with the park 34 years and the ride is his baby. He's proud of his ride and meticulously maintains his antique Lusse Auto Skooters and will tell you they're the best running and fastest in the business. He's not lying- I strapped myself into the pink car #17 and had a blast whipping around the floor at breakneck speed, fishtailing at the turns, and dodging other drivers who had it out for me. The cycle was really long and it was So. Much. Fun. Just like the good old days. My only negative comment is the Skooters building could REALLY use a refresh. It looks like a POS, the corrugated metal is tacky, and the corners of the building have obviously been hit by trucks. And this is where I don't get Knoebels. They do a great job in certain areas (Impulse, for instance, looks beautiful) but they seem content to let other areas fall down. The Skooters, the Loaf, Playland, and a few other buildings there are in just horrendous shape and could at least use a coat of paint. And these, after all, are the best bumper cars in the world...

But enough complaining. Except to say that my cough and cold was getting a lot worse by then.

Impulse is a perfect ride for a park like Knoebels. I liked it a lot, the first drop is beyond steep and very thrilling. The rest of the circuit may not be all that inventive, but it transitioned smoothly and was comfortable. Of the "euro-fighter" styles I've tried a few from Gerstlauer and now this one from Zierer. I think offhand that the Zierer model gets my vote. The lap-only restraints were awesome and that may be a big help. I also noticed two things about this particular ride- one is that it's ULTRA quiet. Seriously, it made absolutely no noise while running and very little even on the lift. During the awesome Friday evening party we were able to stand right by the fence with coaster cars right over our heads and visit normally, no shouting. I also noticed that the ride seemed support heavy- that is to say the supports were numerous, sturdy, and seemed placed closer together than on the typical medium sized steel ride. It may be just a figment of my imagination, but it seemed noticeable to me. I'll have to do some checking and comparing.

That night I got to meet Rollergator, his lovely wife Jill, Billy, and our Tina from West Virginia. All nice people and great to talk to. I also met a nice couple from Columbus who took the time to introduce themselves upon noticing my Ohio State sweatshirt. After a bunch of rides on Impulse, and a hotdog and a burger I decided to split. I was really starting to feel crappy.

The next day I slept in a little, thinking I would feel better. Not so, and my lateness only made me have to park about 10 rows away from the back fence. I've never seen it so busy. I walked all the way to the park and started to really feel the effects of what felt like pneumonia coming on. So I kind of took it easy, resting when I felt like it but was so totally bummed when I realized the big day I had been waiting for was likely to be ruined.
I made sure I picked up new credits 3&4, Flying Turns and Black Diamond before I slipped into a coma. I really liked them both. I rode an original Turns at Euclid Beach so you better believe I had my eye out for this one. I thought the ride was fast, smooth, and the cars navigated the troughs beautifully. It really gave a feeling similar to the original. Could it be higher and longer? Sure. Could it be less convoluted in layout? Hell yes. Could the boarding process be any more complicated? I don't think so. But after waiting as long as I did (I'm speaking in terms of years, here) I'm willing to let all that go and pronounce the coaster an overall success. Black Diamond was silly, dark ride fun with a couple of mildly tense moments, especially the first trip. I never got a ride on the original at Moreys, so I can't compare, but I liked this strange hybrid and if anyone deserves a ride like this it's Knoebels. I'm glad they got it.

Twister, Phoenix, Haunted Mansion, Looper, and Flyers were also on my list of rides for the day, but after that I didn't feel much like anything. Dammit.

Oh, speaking of Flyers here's a story you won't want to miss. I met a nice young man from Allentown in line for the Flyers and he agreed to partner with me on the Looper, as there's no single riders permitted. I got called up to fill in the last plane on one ride leaving my new friend to wait one more for his turn. My ride was great, I flew very high while fighting to keep control of my plane. The cycle was nice and long and quite satisfying. I hung out to watch my new friend ride and right at the beginning of the ride some douchebag enthusiast did everything he could to deliberately snap the cable as hard as he could. What he missed while bouncing his tub, fist pumping the air and surveying the crowd of onlookers for approval was the operator jumping up immediately to cut the ride to half speed. So the rest of the ride was slow, not only for the douchebag but for the other riders as well. The guy from Allentown was none too happy. And after the ride the DB ran past the waiting queue, with more fist pumping and yelling "yeeessssss!" to the operator like he was the rock star of the Flyers or something, when really he ruined everything for 15 or so other riders. I don't think he even knew. Douche.

I got my free pizza, my free tiny soda pop, (way too small for such huge slices, IMO, but thanks anyway, there, Knoebels...) and spent the rest of the afternoon crowd watching. I felt my bronchitis getting worse and I was having difficulty breathing. Maybe even a slight temperature. I had arranged to meet new friends later in the evening but I decided I was done and I should hit a CVS before they closed. So I made the long trip back to the truck around 6:30 or 7 then I got a text. It was our Bunky asking me where I was so we could meet up. I had to say I was already in the truck and couldn't make the walk back to the park. exiting traffic made it impossible to move. So I missed Bunk and her husband, Travis and his friend as well. I also missed the costume parade, great nighttime rides, pork chops, a beautiful fall evening, the bonfire, and everything else that I was so looking forward to to cap off a great weekend.

So while I managed to have fun, I felt cheated out of maximum fun which is what I expect for the drive there and the effort. And from such a lovely place like Knoebels Grove. I decided to not make the trip to the park on Sunday, but just head for home.
And my humble apologies to any friends, enthusiasts, ride operators, waitresses, or festival crafters that came down with a bad chest cold on account of me. I didn't intend to be patient 0 in the Great Central Pennsylvania Outbreak of 2015, but I might be....

Maybe a brownie would've been the cure.

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Just a theory here...please don't read TOO much into this. (*wink*)

The folks in their 50s and 60s might have been smokers "back in the day" but lacked experience with the much-higher potency available in more recent years. Their tolerance would have been very low from years of not partaking, then they ate too much of the really high-grade stuff that a 20-something would more likely have access to.

Still I've never seen or heard any anyone being "unresponsive" after ingesting too much. And I've lived in a college town for 30 years. One that has a reputation as a party school...and a strain of marijuana named after it.

Thinking there might have been something stronger than any marijuana available....perhaps some pharmaceutical compounds as well....

Anyhow....Impulse did rock. The lapbars do make a huge difference, so I'd suggest SFoG's Dare Devil Dive or Iron Shark on the TX coast among the Gerstlauer products. Still wish Dollywood would get those trains for MM...(I'll keep mentioning it until it happens, since they not only improve the ride vastly, it makes the visual elements easier to see).

Tommy, did you make the Phriday night event? I should have been pretty visible that night...

Get well soon, Mac!

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Tommytheduck said:
Had an absolutely amazing 1.5 days at PPP this year. It was one of my best ever trips, I believe, but they are all good. I kept an eye out for some fellow CB'ers, but I have no idea what any of you look like. (except maybe Travis, if his avatar is accurate.) Oh well. I finally did get to try the chicken, and I'll say, it was pretty darn good.

I missed Travis as well because he was wearing a monster wig. I stared at him for awhile and decided it wasn't him and walked away. It was him. Lol

So glad you enjoyed the chicken. I was so worried it either wouldn't be good this year or that you wouldn't like it. Food is pretty subjective (as are roller coasters, I suppose)! I originally didn't want to even try it because I hate barbequed chicken, but I hate the sauce, which this does not have (as you know).

This year was actually one of my least favorite years. I just started off having bad luck with waking up on time, getting everything together, getting stuck in traffic for over an hour five miles away from the parking lot, then waiting for a good half hour at least to get on the bus...then by that point the swap meet was clearing out, so if the guy who takes the beautiful coaster pictures was there, I again did not get to purchase one.

I mellowed out by the time we got our chicken (before chicken, I really needed a Snickers bar...not myself when I'm hungry), and the rest of the evening was pretty uneventful, which maybe was why it wasn't all that great. For all that effort, I felt like it was a much more sedate year.

Mac, I hope you're feeling better. We will see you soon, I am sure. No Ebola or anything please!

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Oh yeah, I also got the Oasis chicken, although I couldn't remember who here had recommended it. Very tasty, similar to those hot rotisserie chickens they sell in grocery stores.

I'll also add, that I had way more fun on Flying Turns this year than the other 2 times I rode it (both in 2013, when it first opened). Has anything changed since then? The 2nd half seemed notably faster and more forceful.

One thing I've noticed about traveling with large-ish groups (8 or more), which I tend to do at PPP, is that we seem to cycle between 4-5 favorite rides. Which is fine and fun, and as I said before it's as much about hanging out with friends, but I always leave feeling like I missed out on something. I need to get back there during the summer and take in all the park has to offer.

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Turns has two competing forces at work. More weight increases momentum on the downhills - but that also drives you further up the banked turns...so more weight in the car makes you both faster and slower (if that makes sense).

AFAIK, nothing else has changed about the ride...

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I was the guy with the Frankenstein getup on. There were not a lot of people in costume at the park on Saturday night. I don't think I'll be in costume next year. I'll just go as my badass self. Also, I'm going to make myself more available to meet CoasterBuzz people and say hello. I would have loved to see a few of you.

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Whoops. Oh, it's you, Travis. Sorry... I thought for a brief moment that some startling version of Penn Jillette showed up at Knoebels.

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A few responses to above posts.

"Mid-Twister." First off, I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that! Second, we should be so lucky! Traffic was the absolute worst I've ever seen. We were darn lucky to get to park in the lot. Mikeokay got there mid afternoon and was re-routed to park at the middle school 4 miles away and ride over in a packed school bus still in the traffic jam. (Fortunately, I know a super-secret shortcut that bypasses Elysburg altogether and probably saved us an hour.)

Gator - No, we did not get to the Friday night event. Looks like it was great though. As we always do, we left the house later than we planned, so we didn't arrive to our hotel in Shamokin Dam until 10pm. Sounds like the Haunted House would have been a good time though. I think next year we'll definitely plan for Friday night.

RCMAC - Damn man, that sucks about getting sick. I'm truly sorry to hear that happened to you.

Travis - Not sure I even saw the dude in that costume. aka, you. Nor would I have probably approached you if I did, not knowing if it was you or not. Sorry. Next year guys.

Bunky - I did enjoy the chicken. (I feel that I've beat this to death now) Unlike you, Bunky, I kinda actually wanted some bbq sauce. I realized I didn't have any extra sauce when I sat down, but didn't want to get up to ask for some, as I was dining by myself. (Boogie and Mike were riding Flying Turns, but I had my heart set on chicken.) I'm a dark meat guy, so that was actually perfect by itself, but I find white meat dry no matter how well cooked the rest is. Could have used something to dip it in is all I'm saying. Could also have eaten a quarter dark if it was on the menu, as I left feeling way too stuffed.

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Double post, but I feel they are separate enough topics to justify it.

In response to RCMAC's Phlyer douche story: (First off, let me assure you it WAS NOT me!) The operators were especially bad this year. One would sit there and shake his head and scowl in disapproval. Sometimes he would point and yell and throttle the ride, other times he wouldn't. And then there was the big guy. So big he could barely even walk. This guy, at the first sign of snapping, would get up and run the complete rest of the cycle at idle. Not half speed, idle. You could see the throttle position. And you could tell he was getting some smug satisfaction out of it too, just by the way he acted. It's like he couldn't stand the idea of others having fun, so he just had to step in and be a sourpuss. Therefore, I don't blame the enthusiasts for getting in what snaps they could before the ride was slowed.

I've got my own story about that big dude. Saturday night, he interjected himself into Mike and I's conversation, which had just so happened to turn to the presidential candidates (yeah yeah... I know...) by interrupting with "What's wrong with Trump? Ain't no way he can be any worse than what we got now. And I'll vote for anybody before I vote for a woman. You think what we got now is bad, can you imagine a woman running the country?" All of this completely interjected, btw. Mike, being unable to resist, comes back with "I wonder how your wife feels about all this." To which he replies, "Ain't got one... could never find one I could train well enough." We had a pretty good laugh at this after the ride. I mean, wow. Just an all around miserable human being.

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