PPP Forecast- 10/06/07

Projected highs of 79 and a low of 59 on Saturday on weather.com. Accu-weather is saying 80 for the high on Saturday. Mostly sunny the entire weekend with highs in the mid to upper 70s. Dress/pack accordingly.
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It's PPP, I'm dressing for rain regardless.... ;)

LOL, lessons learned... :)

Add a sweatshirt to that duffle bag, it always seems to get nippy at night during PPP.

I didn't remember that last year, but that meant I got a nice new PPP sweatshirt, which isn't entirely a bad thing, is it?

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^^ Same here. Phunfest and rain have become synonymous over the years!
^ Only when millrace shows up. :)
It only rained during ONE of my PPP visits!
I've been going to PPP religiously since 1992 and I think it has rained about 2/3 the time. I'm not talking full-blown storms (that only happened once or twice) but more often than not rain has been part of the equation.
Alot can change by the end of the week. Hope for the best but expect the worst. I'm looking forward to PPP since I missed out last year.
Two years ago was miserable. The rain was constant all night. Last year, I hear was better, but I was unable to attend due to the wifey's surgery.

I am looking forward to PPP, and PFN on Friday once again!


So far the forecast is getting better and better. Also, according to Coastin' Steve on RRC, Twister has had major track work since the park closed two weeks ago!

If anyone wants to say hello, here's what my girlfriend and I look like: http://www.pbase.com/jim_shaffer/image/86651620/large.jpg

I forecast 42,999 Guests at SFGAdv on Columbus day! (I'll be heading somewhere else! :) )

Answer my Prayers, Overbook my Next Flight!

Sounds like nice weather, I hope it doesn't rain for my first PPP, lol. I'll bring a light jacket or something in case.
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I am bummed, we can't go because of a wedding.

That does suck. My condolences... to your inability to go, not to the happy couple, of course.

Seems like the weather is shaping up to be fairly warm. That will be a weird change. I don't like freezing my ass off but I'm not sure I want to sweat either, especially if I opt to wear some sort of costume later in the evening.

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Now they're calling for a high of 82, smashing the record of 78 for the date. If this keeps up, maybe they'll re-open the flume and skloosh. ;)
Knoebels Virgin right here! This will be my first visit to the park.

Pretty freakin' excited.

"Don't look back."

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Man, PPP is the perfect introducion to the park.

^^ Don't worry, they'll be gentle.
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Almost time to head east. See you all on the phlyers! :)

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Coaster Krazy said:
Knoebels Virgin right here! This will be my first visit to the park.

Pretty freakin' excited.

Don't you mean "Phreakin'" excited ;)

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