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Arrived around 6:00 and after milling around for a while, we hit the bumper cars. They are still the best in the world (as if there were any doubt). They are even better when the floor is filled with people that "know what they are doing".

Next up was our free ride on the Skyride. I think every park should have a skyride, of some nature. They are completely relaxing and give a great view of the park. On the way back down, we noticed the lights had gone off on the coasters, so the fun was underway.

After a quick spin on the swings, we needed to hit the bumper cars again, which were even more insane before since there were only two cars not in use, and a ride op was riding with us. Back to the swings - those Zamperla seats are definitely not made for fat-asses.

Time for pizza, which was tasty, but the disappointment was the fact that they were out of the white birch beer. Had to settle for a Sierra Mist that tasted more like a flat club soda - downright awful.

The Flyers were running great, and some people found out they were running too good. The ride right before us was cut short because two guys were bumping at an insane rate. Before we were let in, we were warned not to bounce the cars - yeah right!

The Phoenix was running great as usual, and the fog was intense.

The star attraction for the night was the antique cars. Absolutely amazing decorations, and plenty of spooks along the way jumping out and grabbing. One got me really good. They put a tremendous effort into this ride for this one day.

Dick Knoebel didn't give any information on any new attractions for next year other than the fact that there will be something new. He did mention that they bought one of the trains from Wolverine Wildcat at Michigan's Adventure, which one of the cars was transformed into a car that could driven around the park, like his Flyer transport. He also said "looks like we are going to be saving another coaster" - whatever that means.

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Let the rumors start to fly! I know in litte or no time everyone will be guessing what coaster Knoebles will be saving. I know I would like to see the shuttle loop in the SFMW parking lot, but since they do wood better than anyone else, my best bet would be Starliner from Miracle Strip. (Although a nice terrain coaster like Boulderdash would be great too!)
I had a great time. This event isn't to be missed. My wife, son, and I love this park. We got to the park at about 7:30 pm, and for a mere $15 we were treated to a wonderful night of riding. If you figure in the freebies that they had given you with the ticket the all night riding cost $7.30 ($1 for free scenic skyway ride, .50 for a free game, $4.20 for 2 free slices of pizza, and $2.00 for a free soda.) Just cannot beat the value that Knoebels had provided us.

Geneticfreak I think that you should have gotten regular Pepsi. Ours was just perfect, and The pizza was even better.

The only bad part was that we missed out on the haunted antique car ride, but for the short time we were there we got plenty of rides.

I love the Knoebels, and I felt bad when we talked to Dick about our wedding. He reminded us that we forgot to send him some pictures from the wedding. ;) I was quick to promise him that we'll be there for opening weekend next year, and will have him a special present. It was great night.

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Not a big Pepsi fan, and I was thinking about the birch beer all day long, so I was a thrown off a little bit. At least I was able to get some at the


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