Power Outage at Magic Springs

1/2 hour upside down. I guess when the power goes out the breaks go on.



Somebody help me here. How could this happen? 1) why would there be brakes to stop a coaster in the event of power loss, and why would it stop it upside down? I was under the impression that stopping like that is near impossibe? Apparently not, but I am one of those people who likes info, so if anybody could explain it to me I'd appreciate it!


gary b
After look at pictures of the coaster it looks like thats right where the lift ends.


Anyone ridden this is looks like of odd?


Can we go ahead and blame Intamin now?

Oh, wait...


Your right. After looking at that picture you posted, it was still stuck on the life. WHY? Just my opinion, but isn't this a stupid design just asking for trouble? Shouldn't they have a back-up power ready for just a situation like this?

gary b
Why I do believe the train should stop. I agree there should be some sort of back up system to clear the track. Enough power to get the train back in the station.

This coaster also only has 1 train so no chance of hitting anther train. *** Edited 6/11/2007 1:10:53 PM UTC by Crashmando***


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I wouldn't normally bring this up but about half the posts in this thread I had to reread a few times just to figure out what was being said.

Little proofreading, please.

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I've ridden it...it's an awesome ride, much more fun than it would appear from pics. The restraints are very comfortable as you are held upsidedown briefly at the top of the lift...a cool & odd experience. After disengaging from the lift you turn upright and the view of the surrounding hills is breathtakingly beautiful...and then you notice how high you are and that the track twists and disappears out of sight and you have a "holy crap" moment.

The train completes the inline twist and you drop thru the station and up the vertical lift but the train does not engage. Instead it freefalls backwards, rockets thru the station and back up the drop. Then you drop again thru the station and up the lift again. This time the train does engage and the lift slowly lowers you back into the station.

The very first time Mike [Bassistist] and I rode we made it thru the entire cycle up until the lift engages the second time. We started to lower back to the station and suddenly stopped, some 120-feet or so up. We were stuck there in the vertical position, sun in our eyes, for 15-20 mins while they waited for a maintenance guy to reset the ride so we could be lowered back down to the station.

The ride reopened and we rode a second time without problem however the next group of riders experienced the same problem. The ride was then closed for a few hours. We never got another ride that day.

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Just trying to keep it all in one thread (this is the third one to pop up on the story) :)


Closed topic.

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