Power Outage Article Will Create More "Stuck Upside Down" Rumors

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I just read this article about a power outage at a Six Flags park. The photo in the article is a file photo of a boomerang coaster going through the boomerang element. It could, however, easily be construed as the coaster being stuck upside down by the "general public".

I can hear it now. "These coasters get stuck upside down all the time. Like that one time in April..."

I've been in a park when they had a power outage before. It never made the news. This thing was headlined on Drudge. Sigh.

Certain victory.

"Another adrenaline junkie said she got stuck on the parachute ride and her friends used a cell phone to record her dangling about three feet off the ground."

It's a miracle she lived to tell about it.

I bet it's the fault of those drunks they have running rampant through the park puking on everybody.

Well I am quite relieved to see alot of the comments about the article saying that a coaster train would not stop mid loop if the power went out. Maybe the GP isnt as bad as we sometimes make them out to be.

EDIT: except for the person that thought/thinks that the tracks are pressurized to stop a train anywhere...oh well...

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^^I was thinking the same thing with the beer sales since this happened at SFOG.

All the drunks in the park were stumbling so bad, they spilled their beers on power lines causing the outage. :)

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I like how stupid the people who comment on these articles are. Apparently the power outage is Obama's fault, and Six Flags is bankrupt because they spent all their money covering up the high numbers of fatalities at their parks so nobody would find out how unsafe they are. It's not just the amusement park articles either. There's something about the ability to comment on news websites that just seems to bring out the dumbest of the dumb.

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I know how that can be. There was a stabbing in my area last week. One of my coworkers was one if the victems (the good news: he'll be back this week, but on light duty.)

Here the thing: There were people online DEFENDING the attacker. Pkease: A guy stabb three people and nearly kills one of them, and you defend the jerk?

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