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We swung through West Virginia on the way back to NC, and I stopped by Camden Park for a little over an hour. Camden is a small park that obviously hasn't updated much in a while. I met up with Jeff-Coast, who lives 40 minutes away, and he pointed out the pay-toilets. The stalls will not open until a nickel is put in. Interesting.

Now, the Big Dipper. The Big Dipper is a fun old coaster, and it still has the original NAD trains. The last two rows couldn't be used (one didn't even have a cushion), but sitting in the third from back row, one drop had a very nice pop of airtime, and I also like the tunnel that one turnaround is in.

(#81) Big Dipper - 6.5/10

The Little Dipper also uses its original trains, and it is a fun kiddie coaster with a double out and back layout.

(#82) Little Dipper - N/A (kiddie)

We also did the haunted house, which many people consider to be a coaster. I don't think it is, but I can see why some people would count it. It is pulled up by a chain and even has a hill at the beginning, and it runs by gravity for the rest of the layout.

The Whip at Camden is also very fun, and it was my first whip. I took some good photos on the ferris wheel, and also took a good look at Thunderbolt Express. It's sad to see this coaster just sitting there, and I unfortunately don't think it will be operating anytime soon, or ever. The sign at the park entrance said "Looping Coaster Not in Operation."

Camden Park was an interesting little park, and a fun way to end my 2002 Stark Raven Mad trip. In 5 days I rode 24 coasters and visited 4 parks. This was definitely the highlight of my summer, and Stark Raven Mad was the highlight of being a coaster enthusiast.

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If you missed camdens whip or Dogems you definetly missed something!

Chuck, who found the park kinda dull till his friends showed up last year and we had a blast.

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This is kinda odd, but Thunder Bolt Express at Camden Park was my first coaster. Followed by the Big a Lil' Dipper. I drive past that park when I drive from home (West Virginia) and school (Kentucky). I laugh to myself each time I remember saying to my mother, "Are you kidding me? I will not get on that thing [Big Dipper]! Look how high it is!!!"

Oh yes, funny indeed. But living in WV Camden was all I knew. I must admit that that the House is the greatest thing ever. I remember getting so scared when it would get totally dark in there.

No one really understands it, but I tell my co-workers each morning when I am going up Magnum's lift hill for tests that all I can think about is being scared of the Big Dipper.

God Bless Camden Park and all its 1970's goodness!!!!

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