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Everyone loves a train wreck. Let's hear/see what you've got!

I don't know how the hell this one happened. And absolutely no hat in the world is worth the risk.

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Holy moron!

I saw a ride op on Lakemont's Skyliner ride the coaster standing up in the front seat the whole time in front of a bunch of young kids.

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Wow, that's just staggeringly stupid. Can you really cry for someone who dies that way? That's an issue of natural selection.

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Future Darwin Award winner?

I think so...


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Please tell me he was arrested... or at least beaten with the hat.


Please show me where the ride was not locked out and it wasn't a employee? The video has several cuts in it. If it had shown a boat just prior or after him jumping the rails Id be more inclined to believe it.

Still anyone doing something like that durring operations is just plain stupid. Your lifes not worth a 7 dollar hat or even your wallet for that matter.


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But what if he paid $7.99 for the hat, Chuck? ;)
He was wearing shorts - probably not an employee... And I'd be kinda pissed if I were an employee and they made me wade through the water to retrieve someone's hat...

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If he WAS an employee....he's an ex-employee NOW...

Universal may not be as strict about, say, facial hair, as The Mouse....but they ARE pretty unforgiving about safety violations.

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I want to know where the hell you guys are getting hats for $7. :)

Wow, that kid is not too bright.


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Gonch, the local mall here sells hats for like $40, and they are just baseball caps.

I don't get it either.

There is no way it was an employee. There are collection basins on water ride draining systems that collect lost articles that don't sink. they are emptied a couple of times a day and are usually behind the scenes, away from the viewing public. Even if you watched several boats go by and timed it well so you knew you had plenty of time, there is no telling what kind of mechanisms are hidden under the water or even heavy flowing drain systems. My guess would be that his brain was in the hat. Justifying the stupidity of taking that kind of risk.
I'm not sure where runout sensors are on the Intamin flume rides, but if he flagged one, the ride would have stopped.
Unbelievable. When I worked at Raptor, even after the last train hit the final brake run at the end of the night, I never liked going into the low zones.
The River Adventure is a Vekoma ride, not an Intamin.

Still... this is unbelievingly STUPID! Normally, there should be cameras all over the ride and a ride operator in the tower monitoring them?

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I worked at JPRA. There is an employee position whose job is to constantly watch the monitors for this kind of situation. They work inside the air conditioned, tinted glass encased control room across from the loading platform. They are not allowed to look away from the monitors. I can't remember exactly how many cameras there are but there's a lot to look at (Maybe 25 or 30?), and it is possible that something like this could have been missed and the ride was not stopped during this moronic moment.

It is much more likely though that the ride was stopped. I heard of something like this happening before on one of my days off and they said the ride was shut down for a long time because of messed up track sensors.

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My hunch is the ride may have been "e-stopped" when this happened by someone watching the hill and the video just doesn't show it.
Here's another one, which is actually even more scary. Warning, strong language in the video.

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