Possibly the craziest Halloween attraction at SFoG

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So browsing the options for Halloween attraction trips and stumbled on SFoG's website and their new Halloween attraction for 2009 called The Last Ride


Reading about it seems crazy.. The highlights are:

The Cockney gravediggers will load you into a hot rod hearse, take you on a wild ride to the grave site, then throw you in the hole and shovel dirt until you hear nothing but silence. Then the bugs and creeps attack to an unnerving crescendo and just when you think all is lost, the lid flies open to a well welcomed breath of fresh air!

The Last Ride will feature unique scents, such as roses, exhaust and mold! Plus, a special in–ride camera system will display guests' reactions live to those waiting in line.

Im not sure how this is logistically pulled off.. (If its a sim or are you really buried). Different sites I read give mixed details. Either way I think this stands at the top of the "creepy things to do" list. Would be curious if anyone plans to do this and what its truly like.

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I'd love to hear anyone's experience of it. But simulating being buried alive? Not my idea of entertainment!! :)

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If it's real, it sounds like a low-capacity attraction. :)

Sounds like it's a simulation, with the description of featured scents. If it were real, I'm sure sooner or later, there'd be a lawsuit from someone who was injured while being thrown into the grave.

Hate to burst your bubble, but on the website you linked to it states, "NEW in 2009 is The Last Ride, a simulated ride to the grave that will give guests the opportunity to experience being buried alive!"

Furthermore, for $3495 you can buy your own The Last Ride here. The site gives you all you need to know plus even links to you tube to view a video. Pretty cool idea, just not my thing to pay an additional fee to do.


People will by "DYING" to try it.

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I think we all figured out its simulated to some extent got2havefun. I think the question now (least on my mind) is what on Earth (or under Earth possibly) is it like?

What's it like?


My question is -- is the park even going to be open for Halloween this year? I saw photos of of the park and its coasters underwater after this week's floods, bringing back memories of SFNO after Katrina.

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So basically I lost 5 mins of my life on a video that describes the same thing as the text that SFoG describes.. Thanks.

I was more so looking for the experience itself.. The things that make it work backstage IS cool mind you.. But still want the experience.. Im sure a few youtube searches will yield what I want..

However hopefully a buzzer gets to do it and get a personal feeling of what it was like.

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I'll mail you back those five minutes.

Your original post read "Im not sure how this is logistically pulled off.. (If its a sim or are you really buried). " and the video answers that. You lie down in the coffin and it never leaves the platform. All of the motions -- the gravediggers carrying the coffin, the hearse ride, the lowering of the casket -- all take place from the platform.

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The behind the scenes was nice to know indeed. But my original post was 2 days ago.. My curiosity has changed in 2 days time since I do have the internet at my disposal as well.

The video was appreciated, just not what im looking for at this point.. I would love to see the guest experience to understand how it works (which kinda still relates to my original post).

On the youtube video Paris linked, there's another video in the sidebar called "Redneck chick goes for coffin ride." Is that supposed to be one of those in-line camera views? It's pretty non-eventful if it is, as the sound we hear is just a band playing in the background. It still doesn't provide much as far as what the person inside is experiencing.

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But she ain't smilin' no more! That redneck chick video was lame and showed nothing.

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